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Israeli Taxi Driver Threatens to Attack Rosh Yeshiva

A known rosh yeshiva encountered shameful behavior on the part of a taxi driver, possibly stemming from the increasing hate for chareidim in Israel. After the rosh yeshiva requested that the driver lower the volume of the radio, the driver lashed out at him with verbal threats.

The unfortunate incident occurred during the afternoon hours on Monday, in Yerushalayim. According to the Kikar Shabbos News report, the respected rosh yeshiva, who is a resident of Jerusalem, was threatened by a taxi driver from the Gat Company during a ride from Geula to the Bayit Vegan area.

The rosh yeshiva ordered a taxi from the company, and during the ride, the Jewish driver was playing the radio. The rav asked respectfully that he lower the volume of the radio. However, the response was quite extreme and most unexpected, as the driver began to curse at the rosh yeshiva, “Be careful that I don’t drop you off here and give you a head-butt. Who are you anyway? Do you think I work for you?”

The ride ended and there was no apology from the driver for his behavior, then refusing to print out a receipt for the rosh yeshiva despite his requesting one. This is the norm, that a driver prints a receipt upon request.

The taxi company is quoted responding to Kikar Shabbos saying, “The Gat Company mediates between the drivers and passengers by location and operates as required by law. The case described is grave and inconsistent with company values”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Sadly, the growing polarization in EY between frum and secular is getting worse. This deplorable behavior is sadly becoming the norm on BOTH sides (e..g the separate story yesterday here on YWN about some Chareidi residents cursing a an IDF soldier for coming to Selichos at a shul near meah shearim). B’YH, the new year will somehow bring more achdus between the segments of the population.

  2. This driver will never apologize. He will curse the Rosh Yeshivah for ratting him out. There is no derech eretz in the world today.

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