Haifa: An Avreich Was Attacked & Beaten but Perps Have Been Released


A chareidi avreich was brutally attacked in the Hadar neighborhood of Haifa but the police decided to close the case, sending the victim a notice of the department’s decision. Four days later, the department reopened the investigation.

‘N’ is a resident of the Hadar neighborhood of the city. Last month, he was waiting at night for his children to return on a bus from Jerusalem. They arrived and as he walked home, he was attacked by youths who began pounding him and tried robbing him. ‘N’ decided to file a complaint with police, but to his shock, he received a notice that the case was closed.

According to a Ladaat News report, ‘N’ told a correspondent that his daughters returned from Michal Street in the Sanhedria area of Jerusalem. “We began walking to our home and on Nordau Street, a number of youths jumped on me and began pounding on me. My daughters who were with me phoned police. My eyeglasses were broken as was my mobile phone.”

He explained police arrived 15 minutes later and took his statement. The next day, he visited a doctor and he prepared documentation to describe his injuries. “While at the onset I thought police were going to do something, I was shocked that I was not summoned for any questioning or a probe. I was not updated. Then a letter arrived at my home from police. It explained the attackers had been arrested but I was surprised to learn the officer in charge of the investigation for police decided to close the case.”

Making things worse, ‘N’ learned that police got hold of video evidence from area surveillance cameras in which the attackers were seen beating the victim. Nevertheless, the decision was made to close the case.”

After ‘N’ turned to the Ladaat News chareidi website, the website turned to police for a comment, seeking to understand why the case was closed.

Police on Thursday, November 7, 2019 responded, confirming the case had been closed but it was decided to reopen it four days later in light of the video evidence that was obtained. Police add that today, the case is being handled by investigators in Haifa. Police did not detail if the attackers are going to be rearrested.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So surprising. Just another example of the Israeli police exhibiting indifference to chareidim. Anyone who thinks reports against them are exaggerated has no experience on the ground; they are absolute animals.