Peleg Talmid Arrested Trying to Leave Ben-Gurion Airport


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A Yeshiva Bochur named Yehuda Tumback (טומבק), who is affiliated with the Peleg Yerushalmi, was arrested at Ben-Gurion International Airport on motzei Shabbos trying to leave the country. He was taken into custody for not reporting for the draft, in line with instructions from Peleg rabbonim.

The talmid is a son of askan Avraham Tumback, a senior Peleg official and a resident of Jerusalem’s Bayit Vegan neighborhood.

Tumback, who was heading to kivrei tzaddikim in Europe, was arrested by military police. He was taken to IDF Prison 4, where he remains at this time. He was scheduled to appear in the Yaffo Military Court on Wednesday at which time his detention was extended.

For the time being, it appears Peleg does not plan to take to the streets to protest his arrest and incarceration. However, there are some calling for protests so it remains to be seen what course of action will ultimately be taken.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. On the contrary, he should be treated justly and properly, so that he can see there is no personal animosity towards his group, only that they are being held to the law just like everyone else.

    The laws should be enforced, but enforced in the proper manner and without personal or political agendas.

  2. Midwesr2: the moment someone is branded as an “extremist” or some other designation, he loses any rights to be treated as a human being, much less as a frum yid. Some media outlets have adopted this attitude to an extreme (!) degree (pun intended).
    So, we have a situation where kippa seruga violence against the representatives of the State — i.e., against Israeli soldiers and police is somehow “overlooked”, or under reported, at best. Occasionally, depending on the circumstances, secularist violence gets reported.
    But when it comes to Chareidim, NOTHING can be forgiven or overlooked. The most absurd, ridiculous, meaningless vituperation or action –if comes from someone not on “the approved” list — is deserving of the worst imaginable replies or comments. We are in a situation that anyone or any group that is deemed too “extreme” is automatically branded as a rasha, a rodef, an apikores, or “not even Jewish”. Designations that require a psak of a beis din, or at least a determination from a Talmid Chochom– are decided by usually unqualified individuals, or various media, solely on the basis of the arbitrary and un-halachic designation of “extremist”. Someone who’s reputation and maybe even his life is r”l forfeit.
    Some rethinking of this entire subject is warranted.