TRAGEDY ON TOP OF TRAGEDY: Father Suddenly Niftar During Shiva For Young Son


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A young man in his 30s was suddenly Niftar while sitting shiva for his toddler son who was niftar last Thursday.

R’ Yitzchok Meir Weiss Z”L, a resident of Bnei Brak, suffered a heart attack and was rushed to Tel Hshomer Hospital where he was unfortunately Niftar.

His son, Yisrael Weiss Z”L, was niftar last week after losing consciousness in a daycare in Bnei Brak.

R’ Yitzchok Meir is a son-in-law of the Mashgiach of Yeshivas Orchos Torah in Bnei Brak, learned in Mir Brachfeld and spent many years being Meshamesh the late Mir Rosh Yeshiva, Hagaon HaRav Nosson Tzvi Finkel ZATZAL.


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Is anyone else wondering if there is some kind of reason to this seemingly double “coincidental” tragedy??? Is the home being checked for toxic exposure? Healthy child does suddenly and then healthy father dies suddenly this makes zero sense

  2. Sariray, I had the same thought .
    Toxic vaccines, perhaps? There were about 40 babies who died 4 years ago in Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim. There were many parents were asked if they baby just received vaccines. Seems like there was a damaged batch and killed many babies . Sad that toxins can never include vaccines as a source of the glaring issue

  3. Terribly sad story.from otger sources i understood that woman is now family to check into..on a diff note the malach hamaves was consoled by hashem that no one will blame him..ppl will always look to blame something else,vaccines,toxins,heart conditions..WHAT WE NEED IS MOSHIACH!

  4. These Anti Vaxxers have lost there minds!!
    I lost my three month old daughter just over a year ago. During the Shiva, someone came in and told me that she knows that he’s not in shomayim, and he doesnt know what Hashem plans but she’ll tell me why – b’derech hateva – my child died. She proceed to tell me the absolute nonsense that RealJewish and southerner are spouting. I listened patiently to everything she had to say, and when she finished told him “Your theory is really interesting, but that’s not why she died”. She said “Yes it is”. I told her that it was impossible because my child had not yet received any vaccinations! Her response: “In the hospital, when you weren’t looking, they gave her vaccines!! I said that that was also impossible. She insisted that they gave a shot in the hosputal and thats why she died! When I told him that we know for a fact that there was not a single moment in my Shulamits life when she was not with either my husband or me, and she did not receive ANY vaccines. He was dumbfounded “But…But….Then How Did She Die???”

    People!!! Babies die!! It happens, we dont know why, but thats the way it is. Some neshamos were given 80 years, some 40, 20. and some were give 80 days!!
    Last year in Eretz Yisroel between just after Chanukka when my child died and Pesach, I know of at least 15 infants and toddlers that died. Vaccines? something in the water?
    Rav Eliyahu munk in olam hatefillah, quotes that the kadmonim saw that in the winter of a Ibur Yar (leap year) there was a much higher incidence of Miscarriages and Infant and toddler death, and therefore they established Shovavim,i.e. taanisim and selichos to daven that the childrenn should be healthy.

    I know how my child died, and its none of anyone’s business how. but I know that Hashem knows what he is doing and I have no questions on him. Kol deavid Rachmana Letav Avid.
    Anti Vaxxing is Kefira in the hanhagas hashem baolam.
    It is a way for people to think that they are controlling what will happen to them or to their children, and they know better than hashem. One child died on the other side of the world and the first thought is “A Vaccine killed him!!!????”
    Maybe he had a hidden heart problem???? Maybe he had a stroke? Maybe he choked?

    (Vaccination is a question that you take to your RAV. It is a halachic question which risk outweighs which. Go to a rav who understands medical shialos and ask him what to do. Its a sugya, like everything else. The propaganda -both ways- is meaningless. Go ask a rav what halacha requires of you, either to give or not to give, and follow his answer.)

  5. does he have a wife? Does the infant that died have a mother? Have me moved on from no pictures to not even mentioning women’s names? Do the women who read this have no problems with this? Pseudo religion…

  6. YFR,
    you are 100% correct. i am an anti vaxxer, and i also lost my mind temporarily, but have since come to realize that we control absolutely nothing. NOTHING can harm a person without Hashem decreeing it, not even a vaccine.
    We don’t control stopping diseases and we don’t control harming someone with a vaccine. so while i still prefer not to vaccinate my children as i consider that to be proper hishtadlus, if push comes to shove and i end up having to vaccinate to keep my kids in school, i know that Hashem will protect them from the dangerous toxins that vaccines contain and they will not be harmed unless Hashem so decrees it.
    We have to start learning emunah and bitachon fellow yidden.
    much more important than anything else in todays world.
    We have a loving caring father in heaven who only does GOOD. we can’t see that from our limited vision down here, but we have to believe

  7. Just Not Fare: Did you READ the article? “R’ Yitzchok Meir is a son-in-law of the Mashgiach of Yeshivas Orchos Torah in Bnei Brak” so it seems that his almanah does have family.