Israeli In Italy: “Bodies Are Cremated, No Room To Bury Them” – Israeli MD Says No Respirators For Those Over 60


An Israeli who lives in Italy posted a video on Motzei Shabbos crying over the situation in Italy and emotionally imploring Israelis to heed the instructions of the Health Ministry.

“They’re taking away people in trucks from various districts because there’s nowhere to bury them anymore,” the Israeli woman said tearfully. “They’re cremating bodies here because there are no cemeteries!”

“Stay in your homes! I don’t understand what’s so hard to understand. Stay at home!”

Italy now has more fatalities from the coronavirus than China, with 4,825 deaths and 53,578 infections.

Dr. Gal Peleg, an Israeli doctor in Parma in northern Italy told Channel 12 News that the current instructions are to not allow any patients over 60 to be connected to respirators since the life-saving machines are in such short supply.

Italy announced its biggest day-to-day increase of infections on Sunday, which rose to over 53,000 people, with nearly 800 new deaths. As bodies piled up in Italian hospitals, morgues and churches, and as medical workers pleaded for more help, there was no sign that Italy was yet taming its arc of contagion.

Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte went on live TV to announce that he was tightening the country’s lockdown and shutting down all production facilities except those providing essential goods and services.

″We are facing the most serious crisis that the country has experienced since World War II,″ Conte told Italians during a broadcast at midnight.

He cautioned citizens to be calm and patient, insisting there was “no alternative” than to impose further restrictions. Scientists have argued that avoiding even one infection means scores more are prevented down the line.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem & AP)