WATCH: Dozens Of Policemen Storm Mea Shearim For Inspection Of Compliance With Health Ministry Directive


In the late hours of Tuesday morning, a large Israel Police force raided the neighborhood of Mea Shearim to ensure that non-essential businesses are closed and that essential businesses are operating according to Health Ministry directives, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

Similar police inspections were carried out in various locations throughout Israel such as Machane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem and the Talpiot Shuk in Haifa.

Since the beginning of the Israeli government’s announcements of restrictions on Israeli citizens in the fight against the coronavirus, Israel Police have opened 135 investigations against quarantine violators and 21 investigations against people suspected of spreading fake news.

About 20,000 inspections were made to those in self-quarantine and 74 people were ticketed, mostly for refusing to disperse an illegal gathering.

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About 32 businesses were ordered to close for blatantly violating Health Ministry directives.

The good news is that Israel Police noted that most of the Israeli public are adhering to Health Ministry directives.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. is this not a chilul Hashem? How can we maintain ahavas yisroel and acceptance of all Jews both less religious and those more so when we see such behaviour- in the name of religion. Anybody with eitzos in eliminating our judgement of other people. Perhaps they are so brainwashed that they honestly feel that this is a zionist hoax. I would love to hear POSITIVE feedback.

  2. I’ve never, ever understood it when “misguided” chareidim called other Jews “Nazis”.
    I have always found it disgusting and felt these people couldn’t possibly have any idea who the Nazis were or what they did to us. I left this to their general lack of education.
    As preposterous as it is, when the IDF or Police are rightly or wrongly pulling these misguided” chareidim” off the floor as they protest I can understand that they are angry with them so they call them the worst name they can think off. It is disgusting, it is wrong to use this term, but a tiny part of me can relate or understand.
    But this is a whole new level. With this virus spreading, these Police/Soldiers are literally saving their life. SAVING! NAZIS KILL JEWS! THESE PEOPLE ARE SAVING JEWS! HOW CAN THEY CALL THESE PEOPLE NAZIS?!!
    I feel bad for these people that have been brainwashed so badly that they think the Police/Government/IDF is the enemy at all times no matter what. Anything the Police/Government/IDF do that in anyway affects their religious freedoms or day-to-day life is totally opposite their Torah values. This all comes down to a failure of leadership. These people have absolutely no access to information and are totally mevatel their daas to their Rabbonim. Their Rabbonim therefore have a massive achrayus to ensure they are well informed at all times. This hasn’t happened. I am giving these “misguided” chareidim way too much benefit of the doubt, because as fully grown men they have a responsibility to look after themselves and cannot use their Rabbonim as a crutch and never think for themselves. However, this is the way it is and right now the failure is down to the Rabbonim who unfortunately are equally as misguided, brainwashed and close minded.