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As Israel Remembers: Three Arrested In Meah Shearim For Violence, Tearing Flags, and Dancing During Yom HaZikaron Siren

As the Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) siren sounded in Israel, a large group of Charedim, many belonging to the extremist Sikrikim group, danced and sang in the streets of Meah Shearim in what would seem like a celebration at the death of Israeli soldiers who gave their lives so that Jews could have a state of Israel and live peacefully in the land.

The day commemorates the 23,816 men and women who gave their lives as well as the 3,153 terror victims who were killed since the founding of the State of Israel. It is a solemn day in Israel, one that is often commemorated in silence and mourning.

Having similar situations in previous years, the police sent five undercover police detectives, three men and two women, to patrol Meah Shearim with the intent of keeping the peace. The police officers saw the commotion, which in addition to violating Health Ministry regulations of social distancing, involved extremists tearing down Israeli flags and dancing during the siren.

The detectives, who were dressed in Chareidi garb, arrested three people for punching a bus driver, tearing flags, and dancing during the siren. One of the three people who was arrested is a minor.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  2. This isn’t North Korea here. If the seculars have a right to dance to karaoke and do barbecues on Hashem’s Shabbos and Yom Kippur, we certainly have a right to do so on David Ben Gurion’s Memorial Day. It’s not respectful, but not every shtus has to be respected.

  3. BS”D
    YWN, stop being such a racist. I’m for sure not into the idea of turning anti-zionism into a religion. My Chareidi derech is much different from those who might burn garbage bins, etc. But, please. The cops here seem so interested in picking a fight. There is a video of Meah Shearim today at the 11am siren. Kikar Shabbos. Every single Chareidishe yid is standing still. Really! I couldn’t believe it. And then two guys decide to exercise their right to free speech — hey, it’s a free country, right (well, I guess only if you are a Arab or live in Ramat Gan)? — and the two guys start walking in a circle in the middle of the empty kikar wearing a placard on their chest. Okay, whatever works for them. Then, two or three cops have to run up to them and grab them and yank them across the kikar. Don’t know if the cops arrested them. Hey, cops, why are you such babies? Just leave them alone. Lucky a riot didn’t start. And then in the video that you show, what’s the big deal if some people want to sing and dance? I don’t agree with that approach, but why do the cops have to interfere? And, then, see the full video. Dressing undercover. Give me a break. Go catch some thieves…. Dragging a 10-year-old boy through the streets? I bet it’s illegal for the cops to do that. What did the kid do? Let’s say the kid took a little Israeli flag off a car (I don’t know, but it probably wasn’t armed robbery)…. so he should be manhandled like a vicious criminal?!? Cops, go home.
    And, YWN, please go report on what went on in Ramat Beit Shemesh today — you’ll have so much fun with that. I’m sure the cops were well within their right to come into a 100% anti-zionist neighborhood to drag youths through the streets because they didn’t genuflect at the siren. Why should the cops even be in the neighborhood of the keno’im today? If the keno’im don’t want to stand still and they want to dance on a flag (again, I have no idea what the itinerary was today but I’m just guessing) — in their own neighborhood out of sight of any lefty snowflake who might be offended, why can’t they just do that? Isn’t it a free country? Like I said, I don’t agree with that overall hashkafa, but what are the cops doing there? They just want a fight….

  4. You know, when the withdrawal from Gush Katif was happening, there was a group in Me’ah She’arim that planned a celebration of “the beginning of the end of the Zionist enterprise”. They put up posters advertising their celebration, saying that there’d be live music and dancing. They were forced to cancel when the Eda haChareidis forbade the musicians from playing, describing those who planed the celebration as “evil people, who dance on other Jews’ blood” – despite the Eda’s Hashkafic opposition to all that Gush Katif stood for.

    I think the very same thing the Eda (with whom I rarely agree) said then about the planned celebrants can be said about the ones dancing on Yom HaZikaron – evil people, who dance on the blood of their fellow Jews.

    an Israeli Yid

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