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SHOCKING INCIDENT IN BNEI BRAK: Police Officers Violently Attacked, HUNDREDS Of Officers Swarm City [VIDEO ROUNDUP]

A shocking incident occurred in Banei Brak on Thursday evening, and police are responding in force.

Sources tell YWN that undercover police officers were spotted inside the Vishnitz Merkaz (Reb Mendel) building on Ezra Street near Shlomo Hamelech Steet for some type of COVID enforcement. Infuriated that Police were inside the building, dozens of Bochrim chased the two police officers outside and physically attacked them. They then began violently attacking the police car.

Shocking footage has emerged of the attack, as the Bochrim used wooden sticks to smash the windows, break the mirrors, and try opening the door and dragging the officers out.

The officers managed to drive away, and are being treated in a hospital for injuries.

The incident has prompted dozens of Knesset members around Israel to condemn the attack, as well as all Chareidi elected officials to condemn the incident.

A short while later, hundreds of officers in riot gear entered the area, and are now inside Vishnitz investigating the incident and looking for the suspects. Police are seen on many streets, some using flash bang devices as the operation continues.

This is not the first violent incident involving boys from the Chassidus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. As long as you don’t form your own country of charedistan it might be a good idea to work with the government where you live. Stuff like this just gives more weight to those pushing against the status quo.

  2. Illegitimate Zionist, etc. etc. — illegitimate laws/enforcement, etc. etc. That’s all good, well and true.
    That said, just what the hell were those idiotic bochurim thinking?
    Sometimes stupidity is worse than all other sins…

  3. Yet still, to watch the filthy Zionists storming the streets of a frum neighborhood just boils my blood. Who do they think they are? Yemach shemam.
    But those idiotic bochurim on the other hand…

  4. This is what happens when biden is in charge of the free world, and it is only going to get worse.
    Such horrifying events couldn’t & never happened when President Donald Trump was the president of the United States of America. We are already so sorely missing the good old days of the amazing Trump administration.

  5. It’s not very shocking when viewed from a Torah perspective (Chazon Ish) that the Zionists are not a government but a bunch of thugs, even more literally so in the case of their “police”, as we have seen on these pages many times.

    Some questions that would give this story more context:
    A. Why did the Zionist thugs go there in the first place?
    B. We have seen on these pages many instances of the brutality of the Zionist thugs. How brutal and generally abusive have these and other Zionist (“government”) thugs been to this sect before this incident?

  6. Once again the media is hyperventilating. Had this been another community that physically “attacked” the officers (did they need band-aids?) there would not be so much hype.
    And yes the chareidi MK’s condemned this, otherwise they would be out jobs

  7. Yes it was disgusting what this crazy group did. However, the police should have targeted only them, not any passerby they could get hold of.

  8. Kedalaomer oppressed the 5 kings for years before they rose up in revolt, furiously he marched toward them destroying all in his path…
    Lets get real, these Bachurim were chasing these animals AWAY, becuase they meant them no kindness. The Police were infuriated by their ack of “submission” eagerly mobilizing to scare “those-who-ought-not-defend-themselves” back into submission.

  9. Disgusting behavior of thugs. Clearly one can be a Torah scholar but lack scruples and all sense of decency, derech eretz and morality. The fact that Haredi violence is often unchecked and uncontrolled by the government and their own leadership usually looks away is part of the problem. But this kind of behavior is to be expected when Haredi leaders behave like spoiled children and aggrieved victims who are not obliged to contribute to society as a whole, other than sit and study, to whom the rules don’t apply and for whom no concession is ever enough. This behavior is a desecration of Judaism of the highest order.

  10. I am relieved, B’H they were wearing their gartel during the whole act. Is this what the Baal Shem Tov had in mind? The Divrei Chaim? Is this a chossid?! Soon I’ll be chastised for not being Dan l’kaf zchus and who knows what else……. We have lost ourselves and strayed REALLY far!

  11. In prior posts, those who argue for more aggressive police tactics have been criticized for advocating force against innocent bochurim exercising their rights to protest or simply bored and working offf excess energy. Some of these same posters routinely criticize progressive mayors for tolerating protests that include violence and property destruction. These police were are risk of serious bodily injury and even death. They should be allowed to use lethal force to defend themselves. At some point the ONLY deterrence to this type of violent behavior by these animals will be for them to experience REAL pain and long term imprisonment.

  12. Too bad the Israeli goverment uses lockdowns instead of Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol, ivormectin, or Pulmicort.
    There is no need to die from covid.
    There is no need to deprive people of their livelihoods, etc.
    The government is not interested in being a light unto the nations.

  13. Gadolhadorah,
    You wrote: “These police were are risk of serious bodily injury and even death.”
    Really? When was the last time a yeshiva bochur killed someone?
    Your comment is as idiotic as your screen name.

  14. I’m not sure why as a reputable reporting site you don’t ensure you find out the story before repeating what you read on irreligious news sites.
    What happened was a boy from a different yeshiva was stopped by two undercover police officers for not wearing a mask over his nose. He ran away from them and ran into this yeshiva. The police smashed the door down grabbed a different boy (to their credit they do all look quite similar!) and they proceeded to beat this innocent boy up. The other boys started screaming you have the wrong person and they didn’t listen until they chased them out the building.
    Obviously there is never an excuse for violence however this does show things in a different light.
    Don’t believe everything you read without doing due diligence.

  15. Umm…. Why does the community think it’s any different to anyone else in Israel?

    1) Calling other Jews Nazi’s: classy.
    2) I live in Eretz Yisroel, have been taking all necessary precautions, and yet we see these mishugoyim and the extreme left wing and wonder what makes them so special they can endanger all our lives.
    3) This is not how Bnei Torah act. This is a grave failure of our leaders to keep our communities under control. This is a failure of these people as yidden in our holy land. This is a failure to recognize not only the dangers of Covid, but also of kiddish Hashem. My irreligious colleagues see this, and I have to explain these are Jews like you and me; they just believe in a very different religion.

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