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Report: Rav Elyashiv Shlita Calls for Protests Against To’eva Parade

elyashiv2.jpgAccording to a Channel 1 TV News report, Maran Rav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv Shlita called for protests against next Thursday’s scheduled To’eva parade in Yerushalayim.

Degel HaTorah MK Moshe Gafne met with Rav Elyashiv earlier in the week, reportedly to discuss the strategy for protests, reporting that Rav Elyashiv called to stop the parade from taking place.

One of the organizers explained to the news that when Jews wanted to go onto the Temple Mount, the Supreme Court permitted it but police called it off, explaining the threat of Islamic violence was too great. He stated the same must take place here — that police must fear widespread protests to compel them to cancel the parade permit.

Earlier in the week, YWN reported that Eida Chareidis leaders are calling for controlled protests, fearing instigators will provoke violence and a return of the chilul Hashem seen in the past.

While the parade is taking place, a large tefilla rally is planned, not along the route of the parade to avoid exposing participants to the abomination.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I am completely confused and confounded.

    From Yesterday’s report:

    “The Jerusalem-based Eida Chareidis has decided this year, NOT TO OPPOSE Thursday’s scheduled to’eva parade in the capital as it has in recent years.”

    From today’s girsa: “Earlier in the week, YWN reported that Eida Chareidis leaders are calling for CONTROLLED PROTESTS”

    Is this the Eida doing a revesral or is this simply lack of accuracy in reporting? Sounds very, very fishy.

    Of course speculation here would lead to some fascinating theories, but of course they would only be that.. speculation.

  2. To protest or not to protest.. that is the question…

    This really belongs on the older story but the is ‘old news’ already.

    And in any case those who were riding high on Eida Bashing, and “oh no, what will the goyim think!! let us show them that we are just as civil as they are and let the parade go on as if nothign happened because we are mature adults etc. who know how to live and let live ” now have egg on their faces after Rav Elyoshiv who cannot be accused of things followers of the Eida do, came out in favor of protests.

    I would like to hear you lecture R’ Elyoshiv on ‘chillul Hashem’.

    To put things into perspective (for all those weak kneed individuals who confuse the Halachic term Chillul Hashem with any form of standing on the side of the Torah, with or without arbitrary violence and/or are only willing to protest on behalf of the Torah if it brings us kovod – which will not happen in today’s depraved world where kovod in the media is given to whoever tramples on Kedushah more or does somthing that fits the meida’s sense of what is Rightousness:

    (from R. Dessler, ZT”L) By the Cheit Ha’Egel only 3,000 yidden actually worshipped the calf. They were put to death. This was 0.5% of Klal Yisroel. And yet All of Klal Yisroel was held accountable and only through Moshe Rabbenu’s intervention were we spared annihilation.

    Ayyyy, 0.5% is a really really number.

    Says R. Dessler, regarding association with evil there are dargas. Some are mamesh caught up in it. And some are mamseh against it with all of their hearts (Mi L’Hashem Eilei of Bnei Levi) and there are some who would not themselves do such terrible things – but if yenem does it – so what – so Hashem’s will is trampled, choila – I couildn’t care less – I am smug in how I live my life in my 4 coobits, so who gives a hoot.

    Says, R’ Dessler, the apathy (on their level, ayen shom) klal Yisroel felt towards the Chillul Hashem being done by the 3,000 or better put for the level of the Dor De’oh – the lack of abosolute disgust on behalf of klal Yisroel for such things which would have made it impsssible for the thugs to think about doing an Egel – made the Yidden liable.

    Evil can only exist where it is not entirely rejected.

    Now most poeple are not in a position to take action to stop the parade from happening through physical means – unless of course you are an askan with access to politicians, and maybe somebody will decide that early protests will put a stop to it, but to sit back as if all is OK brings cholila what the Gemora in Shevous (one of the big amud alephs towards the end) and Shabbos says – one who is not Mocheh – regardless of the ‘practical effects’ of the Mecho’oh i.e. actuall cessation of the maaseh aveirah – is COMPLETELY EQUATED with the one who does the Aveira.

    As Dovid HaMelech says: – “Ki Hecherashti – Bolu Atzomai” When I am silent in the face of sin – my bones rot.

    For sure, the need for mecho’oh is not an excuse for hooliganism, and for those who unfortunately make a big stink of this, Otu b’Shuftoni Oskinon, but that there do exist shulei hamachaneh, does not dissipate one iota the need for mecho’oh.

  3. i dont believe this is a message from our gedolim!!!!! this is just the usual windup by the secular media!

  4. How does one of the organizers compare the threat of Islamic violence to the threat of yidden protesting this parade? Is he/she sugesting we should threat violent protests?

  5. In past years I have composed a tefila about this situation, which Rabbonim encouraged me to publicize, so here it is, in English and Hebrew versions:

    Master of the World, it is known before You that among the participants in the “Shame Parade” are many precious and holy Jewish souls, souls that through our many sins have been trapped among the klipos and been educated to foreign ideologies and practices. Still, the souls You created within those people are pure at their core, and a Jew who has sinned is still a Jew. Our Sages taught us that nothing can stand in the way of someone who wants to repent, and that You do not want sinners to die an eternal death but rather to abandon their wicked ways and merit to eternal life. Now, we know that all Jews are part of one whole, like the various limbs of a complete body, and we therefore beseech and entreat You, our Father in Heaven, to arouse Your infinite mercies for those abject souls and bring them to repent and return to You and lead lives fully in accordance with Your Torah and its commandments. May they all soon fulfill the teaching of our Sages that in the place where penitents stand not even the totally righteous can stand. (And even though our Sages have taught that everything is in the hands of Heaven except for the fear of Heaven, still the Chazon Ish, zatzal, pointed out that this does not necessarily mean that the sinner himself has to want to repent, but only that someone in this world has to entreat You to arouse him to repent, as Rebbe Meir asked You to bring a group of hooligans who lived near him back to You, and his prayers were effective and they did actually repent.) Therefore, Master of the World, we beg and entreat You, to arouse Your infinite mercies on all these trapped souls and to rescue them from the fate that awaits such sinners, as we have seen that many of them have actually abandoned their ways and returned to a life of Torah observance, and through this have sanctified Your Holy Name in the greatest possible fashion.

    נא להתפלל תפלה קצרה זו

    רבונו של עולם, גלוי וידוע לפניך שבין המשתתפים בעצרת התועבה יש הרבה נשמות קדושות של יהודים יקרים מאד, נשמות שבעוונותינו הרבים נפלו בין הקליפות ר”ל, תנוקות שנשבו בין האומות, אבל בכל זאת הנשמות שבראת בהם טהורות הן ואע”פ שחטאו ישראלים הם ואין דבר שעומד בפני התשובה, ואין אתה חפץ במות המת כי אם בשובו מדרכו וחיה, ובהיות שכל ישראל ערבים זה בזה עלינו להתחנן לפניך אבינו שבשמים שתחוס ותרחם על הנשמות האומללות האלו ותחתור חתירה מתחת כסא כבודך ותחזירם בתשובה שלמה לפניך שיקבלו כולם עליהם עול מלכות שמים בלבב שלם ובקרוב יקוים בהם מה שאמרו חכמינו זכרונם לברכה במקום שבעלי תשובה עומדים אין צדיקים גמורים יכולים לעמוד, ואע”פ שאמרו חז”ל שהכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים, הלא דייק על זה בעל החזון איש זי”ע שאינו מוכרח שהחוטא בעצמו צריך להתעורר לחזור אליך רק שאין זה בידי שמים דווקא אלא שאם מישהו פה בארץ יבקש עליו רחמים אז אתה מרחם עליו ומעורר אותו לחזור אליך, וכמו שבקש ר’ מאיר רחמים על הנהו בריוני דהוו בשבבותיה והדרו בתשובה, ולכן הנני לבקש שיתעוררו רחמיך האינסופיים על כל הנשמות האלו שאפשר להצילן מבאר שחת ושתחזירם בתשובה שלימה לפניך (וכמו כן לשאר חוטאי ישראל), וכמו שהרבה מהם כבר שבו אליך וחיים היום חיים של קדושה וטהרה ועי”ז מקדשים שמיך באופן הכי גדול, אמן נצח סלה ועד.

  6. This is a problem of “Oy lee Im Omer, Oy lee Im Lo Omer.”

    Only the GeDolei YisRoel can judge how to carefully walk this fine line.

  7. #7
    that is a beautiful and Emes (as far as i know) Tefillah

    nevertheless that doesnt change the obligation of Hashem’s children to do everything possible to stop this Abomination in Yerushalayim, in WHATEVER manner is expressed by Rav Elyashiv.

  8. I just don’t understand:

    Kol Koreh’s, signed by our Gedolim, are becoming regular occurences, but something of such importance is reported by a TELEVISION station???

    So, someone heard The Rav, Shlita, say something, then reported it to a television station, which is being summarized on YWN. At BEST, this is 3rd hand information, probably much less.

    I would only guess that Moreinu Shlita would inform the Klal directly if this is what he wants us to do, rather than have a statement manipulated through a televesion station.

  9. #2 Sammygol wrote..
    Is any poster still thinking that this protest against public display of toeiva is Bitul Torah, waste of time, and Chilul Hashem?

    Yes, I do!! Who said that I have to listen to your Gadol, when my Gadol says differently?

  10. yochi, sammygoul is a bigot who loathes Chasidim. In one post he reffered to them all as cheats and shticks, and in another today he said he is impressed with anyone who goes against HaRav Moshe Sternbruch Shlita. And many other he times he slyly makes subtle comments against them.

  11. B’mitkommemecha etkotet! How can anyone keep silent and allow such a desecration to take place in Ir HaKodesh? Sometimes there is no way you are going to see eye to eye with your opponents and you cant just agree to disagree.

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