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Israel: Frum Unvaccinated Mother Of 2, Beloved Teacher, Dies Of COVID

The yishuv of Nariya in Binyamin was engulfed in mourning on Motzei Shabbos upon hearing the news of the tragic death of Renana Kantrovitch, a’h, at the age of 45.

Renana, a mother of two and a beloved teacher, contracted COVID two weeks ago. On Friday night her condition worsened and she lost consciousness. MDA paramedics who were called to the scene carried out resuscitation techniques while evacuating her to the hospital but unfortunately her death was declared after arriving at the hospital.

Renana was healthy with no underlying illnesses but was not vaccinated. She was a much-beloved teacher at the Bnei Akiva high school for girls in Nariya, where she also lived, and her many students, past and present, were shocked and devastated at the news of her sudden death.

Her levaya took place on Sunday to the heartrending cries of her family members, students, friends and neighbors.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Interesting to note yeshiva world announces ALL covid related deaths as unvaccinated, yet, those who died while being vaccinated with covid vax are NOT mentioned here… wonder why?? How much $$$$ is yeshiva world making from this sic propaganda.
    As usual, yeshiva world takes the leftist route..

  2. Is this lashon hara that she was not vaccinated? (According to YWN viewpoint it definitely is)
    Why did you not post the vaccine status of grandson of gaavad of eida charedis, but you are publishing private medical information of this woman?

  3. The greatest tragedy is that hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved by Ivermectin, and they have been sacrificed to the pursuit of obscene profits, under the disguise of medical research.

  4. It seems important that ‘vaccination status’ be reported these days with every niftar or nifteres – may their memories be for a blessing. However, particularly what kind of ‘unvaccinated person’ was this, since it is being reported – was she an ‘2nd shot expired non-vaxxer’, or a ‘1st shot way expired non-vaxxer’, or perhaps a 1 to 14 day recently vaxxed non-vaxxer who merely didn’t yet qualify to be counted as a vaxxer’ (lest a significant adverse effect or fatality would tarnish the vaxxers’ impeccable uninjured numbers)?

    Time may unfortunately never let us know. Maybe she never took any of these ‘covid plunges’ altogether but was adversely affected by another vaxxer’s shedding, or perhaps she was exposed to too much glyphosate present even in non-GMO grains (they lay down over 250 million pounds of this carcinogen and immune system weakener every year here in the US, and Israel doesn’t strongly regulate against it).

    Perhaps it was radiation poisoning from heavy 5G and/or wireless exposure? (Though Israel regulations strongly advise against wireless telecommunications infrastructure, there is little enforcement or actual concern – certainly the laptop-filled classrooms have no curtailment of signals – as they now do in much of France for instance.)

  5. First of all, you have no knowledge at all of this woman’s or her husband or kids’ health history or “ vaccine status”.
    The Health Bureaucracy is promoting shots for pregnant women and so a Story of a Pregnancy death is being promoted.
    “Health info” is being used as MANIPULATIVE PROPAGANDA right now
    – This woman may have had RSV VIRUS which is epidemic now and is far more dangerous
    – This woman most probably had Pneumonia superimposed on a Viral infection and in Israel and USA many are not given antibiotics or treatments if they are “ test positive” for Covid, until they are severely ill, and they are becoming statistics to feed the Naarative.

  6. Israel’s new definition of unvaccinated leaves a lot to be desired
    This woman could have had two vaccines (this year!) and still been counted as unvaccinated
    I hope YWN will also list vaccinated deaths
    And VACCINE deaths as well
    Plenty of those going around
    My friends mom in Israel has neurological damage from the 2 vax and now she’s being threatened with loss of medical care if she doesn’t get a booster
    No one believes that her sudden and inexplicable loss of mobility and speech problems at 63 years could possibly have occurred from the vaccine she received (coincidentally which started mere weeks after her shot and worsened with the second)

  7. its disgusting of yeshiva world to post vaccine status!! this is advertising personal info!! its totally not kavod for the meis! what’s the difference of their status???? yeshiva world!!! stop posting and pushing your disgusting agenda! your should be ashamed of yourself!

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