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Rabbonim Instruct Feldheim To Cease Publishing Chaim Walder’s Popular Children’s Books After Serious Allegations Surface

Klal Yisroel is reeling from the recent allegations that have unfortunately surfaced about a well-known author of more than 50 children’s books that are in nearly every Jewish home around the world. Millions of copies of these books have been published. After consultation with Gedolei Yisroel, YWN made a decision to publish the following.

The prestigious Feldheim Publishers released the following statement yesterday:

“After consulting da’as Torah, we have decided to halt the selling of Chaim Walder’s titles while current allegations are being investigated. We do not judge and sincerely hope he will be able to clear his name. We will continue to consult with da’as Torah as the situation unfolds.”

Additionally, YWN notes the following:

His column has been pulled from the Israeli Yated upon the Psak of Hagaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, the venerated Rosh Rosh Yeshiva of Ponavezh.

His column has been pulled from the “Osiyos” children’s magazine in Israel.

Books were pulled from the Osher Ad supermarket chain in Israel.

Books were pulled from Eichler’s of Boro Park.

Kol Chai has pulled his radio show.

The issue of abuse and support for victims is something that thankfully in the past twenty years has been brought to the forefront of our communities. Stories that were “swept under the rug” for decades, are dealt with on a professional level. Klal Yisroel is grateful to have organizations such as Amudim and world-class professionals lecturing about this topic and providing guidance to survivors.

Abuse is real. Very real. A victim of abuse is akin to being a living murder victim. It is a life-sentence of many issues that plague the victim daily their entire lives.

Abusers have been held accountable and been put in jail. There is no question that due to the direct efforts of these organizations, Gedolei Yisroel, and public awareness, a potential predator will now think twice before he acts. The word is out. Touch a child, and you will be held accountable and go to jail.

YWN supports these organizations by providing them a platform to write about these issues, and we join Klal Yisroel in giving a shoulder and support to victims who are suffering from abuse. If you are a victim of abuse, please, reach out for help. Do not suffer in silence and let your horror overtake your life. Help is available. Go for help. It will change your lives.

It is our fervent hope and prayer that Klal Yisroel never see such crimes perpetuated again.

— YWN Editorial Board

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

83 Responses

  1. “It is our prayers that Klal Yisroel never see such crimes perpetuated again.“

    Are you saying it happened?


    Moderators Note: Clearly, you did not read one word that YWN wrote., But that’s ok. Ask a friend to explain this.

  2. Are these Rabbonuim going to reimburse Feldheim Publishers for all the loss, that discontinuation of these Seforim shall cause Feldheim Publishers?
    Anytime that the name of Rabbonim issuing a Pesaq is being concealed, it doesn’t look good nor authentic.

  3. Feldheim’s statement struck the perfect cord. We don’t presume guilt, we just cannot give him a platform to reach out to children while these allegations are being investigated. That’s all.

  4. ” After consulting with Dass Torah” can you please publish a letter or a recording of the Dass Torah YWN consulted with?

  5. Thank you @YWN for publishing this.
    And thank you as well for not jumping at this right away like other news sites, & waiting for the proper guidance.
    Keep it up

  6. “Klal Yisroel is reeling from the recent allegations that have unfortunately surfaced about a well-known author…”

    So well known that his name is in the title and the rest of the article.

  7. My heart bleeds for this wonderful author. Now the YWN readership has become the judge, the jury and the hangman. Once a statement is made regarding the pulling of his books off the shelves, there is no way for him ever to clear his name. And if he is indeed the victim of slander or framing, he will pay for crimes never committed because the allegations make him a condemned man.

  8. First of all if we start banning his books which kids like why not ban most of the singers as well. Remove all songs made by them as many have a history of chasing women. And we can ban all Gemorahs for Resh Lakish was head of bandits before he began his road to Torah. And why do all these seforim stores sell biographies of apikorsim from golda meir to Yitzchak Rabin. And we need to ban the open orthodox crowd who also places their books in our heimisha book stores.

  9. So let me get this straight:
    Haaretz, a known far left, frum hating “news” outlet runs a hit peice on Chaim Walder , a very famous frum author and speaker, with anonymous sources and allegations of an event from 20 years ago, and we are supposed to take their word for it, and destroy a man’s reputation , name and livelihood?!?!?

    Count me skeptical.

    Besides, any of these allegations could have been made against any man on the face of this earth with no defense. No names, no corroborated evidence, no time or date. Nothing. Just plain allegations. Last I checked that’s called Motzi Shem Rah.

  10. !לשון הרע

    Zero תועלת in publishing this. Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, the books remain a wonderful educational tool.

  11. I never would have let my kids read his books, even before these allegations came public.
    His books are full of manipulations, bending susceptible young minds.
    Our kids should be taught real midos from real torah sources.

  12. Apparently the issurim of lashon hora apply to minor infractions. If there’s an allegation by two anonymous people about something serious that allegedly happened twenty years ago, brought to light by a wildly left wing newspaper in Israel, against a right wing author who has a chezkas tzidkus for decades and in incredible asset to the klal and the prat, apparently there the issurim of sippur and kabalas lashon hora don’t apply and you can therefore spill a man’s blood and the blood of his family in public, based on those facts (or lack of them).
    Frum society has gone woke. We joined cancel culture. Wonderful. Oh, I forgot, it comes with a hechsher of Daas Torah. (I’d love to have heard what R’ Gershon was told. I don’t doubt for a second that he heard the left wing rag haaretz published anonymous allegations and he said of course we have to destroy chaim walder. For sure. What else could’ve happened. Why would R’ Gershon care that the Torah (Chumash, Gemara, Zohar, Ramba”m, etc. etc. all the way down to the Chofetz Chaim…. say this is assur. Ah, I forgot, Chofetz Chaim is about some feel good stories for kids. Not in real life, where the perpetrator is really evil. There, if one is accused he’s assumed guilty and shmiras halashon goes out the window. The Torah is not talking about that. Obviously. Just like being called a racist in the leftist world. There’s no defense against that. )
    Of course, if he’s guilty, it’s beyond evil. For the half wit that believes I’m soft on any such a crime, be assured I believe the klal should be “rodef them ad charma” and worse. BUT THAT HAS TO BE PROVEN – NOT ALLEGED IN HAARETZ!! Has everyone lost their minds?!?!?

  13. YWN: Please specify which Gedolei Yisroel, (if you can’t figure out why, make believe you were Chaim Walder and you know the allegations about you are false, buy everyone else ‘knows’ otherwise).

  14. If Reb Gershon did in fact say to stop his article, did he also say to publicize it? Was that asked too? He could’ve been put on unpaid leave from his positions till this story is clarified one way or the other. Not sure that works halachically, though given the sensitivity of the situation would be somewhat understandable. But to announce to the whole world that he’s guilty? Or even m’safek? How dare they?!?! And if they’re wrong, there’s no teshuva for this! This cannot be rectified. The chilul Hashem in the chiloni media is nauseating. “Even Eichlers a popular Jewish bookstore pulled his books from the shelves” etc. Sorry, I made a mistake – I thought it’s a Jewish bookstore. But in the Progressive / woke religion, that apparently has made inroads into Chareidi (or at least Chareidi looking) institutions, virtue signaling by burying others is actually quite virtuous. Right idea – wrong religion. Got it. They could’ve taken the books off the shelves, stopped publishing his books – they didn’t have to publicize it. That’s retzicha, and if you believe in the Torah, you understand that there’s a RBS”O in charge. And if they sell all those wonderful shmiras halashon books that they madison avenued the Chofetz chaim with, it would be worthwhile to open them and see what it says. Even if it’s not in tandem with progressiveness and being woke.
    [Again, for all the people who have a hard time understanding concepts. A person who does what C. Walder is being accused of is in many ways worse than a rotzeach! He’s a danger to the people he preys on and to future generations. It can devastate entire families decades later! The damage cannot be underestimated. That said, we cannot live in a world where all one needs to do is go to a tabloid, point a finger anonymously and then have the whole world stand by and say all sagely, we’re not sure, so we’re going to allow the man and his family to be buried alive. Sorry. It’s against the Torah and, (k’yehuda v’od l’kra) plain old common sense.
    M’meila by the left – kavanaugh, etc. but by shomrei mitzvos? What in the world is happening? Hashem yerachem

  15. Is there any evidence, other than unsourced press reports, that Rav Gershon Edelstein shlita made any decision, rather than Walder decided to pull his own columns?

  16. I do not know nor want to know what any of the allegations are, but let’s remember that allegations do not automatically equal guilt.

  17. I am not defending him but I see that all it takes is an allegation to ruin someone’s life. I guess we’re not so different from the non Jews.

  18. A few points
    1. The alleged charges are very terrible..each of us must elevate our own level of kedusha, the torah sets a much high bar than “not doing anything”
    2. Despite so much good He has been hung before a court or beis din rules
    3. If chas veshalom the charges are accurate and from 20 years ago, it’s quite possible that his good work since than was his way of teshuva and tikkun for old sins

  19. Thank you. The allegations are not just about 3 people that have come forward. The Israeli media reports at least 10-20 allegations.

    As always it is assur to be mekabel but limeichash mibai, and the chashash is serious enough to take the step YWN has.

  20. As disgusting as it is to hear Eichler’s announcement- without a scintilla of proof, it’s heartwarming to see how most of the commentators on this blog still think straight and give the benefit of the very big doubt.

  21. With all the money I have been saving recently from not procuring Ben & Jerry ice cream [which we also were told not to procure], I have been procuring even more of these “Chaim Walder Kids Speak” books.
    I already tossed out many Ben & Jerry ice creams not to vomit on them, but I am not again going on a tossing out spree.
    What is next going to be banished from being allowed to procure?

  22. When Cory Johnson was running for city controller a few months ago, there were ads that read DAAS TORAH supports him. Who is Cory Johnson. Head of the city council and a Toeiva fellow. Yes Daas Torah. Which Torah. Some ASkunim looking to make a few bucks. All this baloney about this author comes from the lefty chareidi hating newspaper Haaretz. Their goal is to destroy Orthodox Judaism.

  23. And what if he’s never charged. At what point do we say since he was never charged that he’s innocent.

    So far all we have are anti-religious press stories, from rags that lie all the time. Even a secular court has no neemus and isn’t believed, let alone anonymous press claims.

  24. Oh I did

    It was asked to gedolim and they said it should be taken off even though it’s not verified because it’s a ספק

    But you seem to say that he did it in your last sentence which I’m shocked to see you say

    So I’m glad you misunderstood me whereas I hardly misunderstood you

  25. It amazes me to see how many comments are in line with an attitude of ‘let’s protect the person who was accused because it’s hard to believe it happened or I don’t wanna believe it happened’. Why are people so scared to accept that reality. I am not saying that I believe that it happened but it’s ok to be susceptible of that the allegations may be true.
    I am thinking about other victims who may want to come out but are scared of the reactions of people like in this forum who will not believe them.

  26. I have noticed several times over the past 5 years that women all of a sudden 20 years later, they start telling us who wronged them 20 years ago. What happened during this 20 year period that the women were completely silent. Is there a lawyer out there that is convincing these women that they can possibly make a killing??
    I would like to know, who is the person that actually went to Rabbi Edelstein and what was exactly said to the Rabbi.
    We are truly missing important details.

  27. I fully understand the pulling of all the books but Where is the “toeles” in spreading this information on a mass level? Who did YWN consult with before ruining Chaim Walders reputation forever? As I understand their are only allegations right now….but what YWN has done will have a lasting effect. Even if Chaim Walder clears his name, thousands will still remember this article….based of the information YWN wrote in this article I have to say shame on you YWN!!

  28. Didnt read all comments but one thing is for sure. You didnt ask gadolim if your article was ok. You asked if sharing facts is ok.your article finishes with blatant beliefs that he is guilty. All respectable Jewish bookstores and companies are saying it’s just in case. Look up what R Yakov Horowitz says. A 3 minute video. While we must be cautious we must give benefit of doubt till proven guilty. Our family has had false accusations against us. I know for 100% fact they are false. But if you search online u wd keep ur family away from ours. Abuse is terrible. But please please be aware of false allegations. Many others have come to us to share their own experience of false allegations. May the truth come to light. And if the truth is he is innocent, may his name be cleared.

  29. The key word is “allegations.” So America stops its presumption of innocence and so does the frum world, because everything published in the newspapers just has to be true.

  30. Whilst IF true he should be banned, ousted and jailed.


    Did Rav Gershon Shlita advise to ‘publicize’ all that?!

    All he did was issue a simple psak that it should be pulled of the shelves “while current allegations are being investigated”.


    The rest is simply מוציא שם רע.

  31. So sad to see that “wokeness” has hit the frum community too. But what can one expect after decades immersed among the goyim. We start to become just like them. Such a shame. I suggest that if all the bookstores are going to be so concerned about their authors, that they close down because the shelves are filled with books written by people with shady backgrounds. And throw out all the music too, that uses gangsta rap beats put to “kodesh” words. Those people murdered, robbed, and raped. Oh and…yeah, you get the picture. And what about the Torah that tells us that we need witnesses? Did that get thrown out with the woke generation? They say that as we get close to seeing Moshiach, all will be revealed, including the erev rav. We will be shocked to see that the erev rav looks exactly like us!

  32. It’s been so refreshing to see the Jewish world finally open their eyes to the incredibly disturbing reality that is not just abuse but the willful ignorance of both the leaders and the masses in relating to the abuse, the abusers and the victims.

    Upon reading so many of the comments here, it’s clear that too many in ‘the masses’ have yet to open their eyes.

    Kol hakavod to those leaders, YWN and others who will no longer turn a blind eye and, in fact, step up with true leadership.

    This isn’t convicting a man without a trial; it’s protecting our most vulnerable…

  33. Kol Hakavod to YWN. I am amazed that none of the comments here talk about the victims. 20+ credible people have come forth in this case. This is not a case of one confused “at risk” teen who misread the situation and is looking for attention. We need to show support so that victims of this AND other abusers don’t feel threatened into silence. Aren’t we Rachamanim Bnei Rachamanim? Deep down, you all know this happens more often than we admit. The only way to stop this scourge is with more establishments taking stands like Eichlers, Feldheim, and now YWN.

  34. “I have been procuring even more of these “Chaim Walder Kids Speak” books…

    Not surprising. If these allegations are proven correct, your Walder Library Collection may become even more valuable among a certain segment of the tzibur.

  35. Always remember anyone can become a defendant very quickly by some lunatic making allegations against you. This does not equal guilt. Until I see letter from daas torah I don’t believe it. And by the way even if someone did something wrong in his life how does that effect his book automatically. I bet every author in Eichlers has done something wrong in their lives.

  36. Thank you Yeshiva World for taking a public stance, one that will historically be remembered as a turning point in our community for the greater good.

    Our community is sadly under siege and mentally for most of our past, victims were shunned, allegations were thrown under the rug, and abusers were empowered by the neglect and ignorance of our community, today’s days unfortunately this clearly plays out when a mass alleged rapist not by 2 victims, not 3, but close to 20 victims came out and still half of our community is upset at Getz from Eichlers, at Feldheim and now you at the Yeshiva World for standing up for the victims and thier families saying that we as whole have had enough.

    My heart is broken and ashamed of where we are as a community, but with all happening now, I’m taking a leap of faith believing that there’s still hope that our community can be a safe place for our future generations.

    Thank you all heroes involved in this holy work. May Hashem be with you, and strengthen you!

  37. The amount of Loshon Hara published on this News Site is outrageous. For years this news site has published reports that should have never gone public.

    In the case of Chaim Walder, even if the allegations; turn out not to be true many people will still believe them.
    It is even possible this news site will destroy not only this man’s life but the life of his children and grandchildren. Just imagine the damage you can do to someone’s business all for naught. However though if the allegations turn out to be true the avierah of LOSHON HARA is much greater than the aveirah Chaim Walder was alleged to have done, and that avierah will be on the head of the people responsible for publishing this terrible article.

  38. YWN is correct to write and publish what they did here.
    All the comments here about “Woke, cancel culture and virtue signaling” are just as removed from Torah outlook as the very liberals they despise; merely two sides of the same coin. The proof is how fast it took them to turn on and start publicly trashing Rav. G Eidelman.
    My consistent experience has taught me the following: When one allegation surfaces, the chiyuv of judging favorably applies in full. But when that single allegation turns in many, then history consistently shows that when there is smoke, there is fire.

  39. It’s when I read comments like many of the comments to this article that I realize why we have not yet been zoche to Moshiach. Many of the commentators here consider themselves “Frum”. However, they are grossly lacking in one of the most fundamental concepts in Yiddishkeit, that being “Emunas HaChomim”. Do you really think that one of the leading Gadolim in the world has a lesser understanding of Assurei Torah than you? Are you really so thick and foolish to think that a Gadol such as HaRav Gershon, shlita makes decisions on the whim without forethought? And what do you actually know about HaRav Gershon Adelstein, shlita or is his name just another name of a Rabbi whom you know nothing about? Shame on you!!!

  40. I, like every other commentator on every blog, group, site etc, have no clue if these allegations are true or not. I don’t know if they are based on perception or reality. I don’t know if the complainants have anything going on in their lives. I don’t know if the “Me, too” movement is again taking off in the frum community.

    Similarly, I don’t know anything about Mr. Walder; is he a hypocritical predator, or a victim of false accusations? However, this much I DO know: the pain of the complainants AND the Walder family must be indescribable. I DO know the consequences of truly believing someone is guilty when he’s not, or believing the complainants when they’re making false accusations. Standing toe to toe with one side or the other has terrible knock-on effects on extended family, friends and supporters. And those people who publicly come out on the “losing” side are doomed to be humiliated and to lose their public respect and credibility.

    Let the investigation take its course. We should learn that just because we CAN comment, it doesn’t mean we SHOULD. It’s a tragedy for us all.

  41. Kol Hakavod YWN!

    Seeing the negative comments truly boggles the mind, and I can’t help but wonder about their motivations. Anyone whose head isn’t buried two feet in the sand knows at least a story or two of a prominent askan or Rav who abused their position and had inappropriate relationships with people they were supposedly ‘helping.’ What kind of twisted people get more worked up about what proof people have to pull his books for now (NOT jail time or anything), over the welfare of these victims and the silence that allows this to continue to happen?

    Are you people evil, blind or so stuck in your way that you can’t see straight anymore?

  42. To all you people all of a sudden so concerned about lashon hara I have one question. WOULD YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY AT HIS HOUSE?? When you can give an honest answer to that question you’ll understand why you guys are all missing the point here

  43. Without taking a side on this issue, it seems that current wisdom on this subject is that once a person has been declared an alleged abuser, any exposure to his name or any reminder of his existence can act as a trigger and generate trauma to abuse victims anywhere, which is why his books now have to be “bal yeiroeh ubal yimotze”

  44. Thank you so much for posting this article. It’s high time that our community takes such credible horrific allegations with the seriousness it deserves.

    As a Chasidisher Yid, I’m still reeling from the unfortunate support my community gave to N.W., a convicted abuser, who used precious girls referred to him by the Satmar school in Williamsburg for his despicable desires.

    Thank you YWN for being on the right side of Torah and mentchlichkeit. One day, when everyone in our community will realize how despicable such crimes are, history will remember that you had the courage to stand on the side of the victims.

  45. What evidence is there that there are 20, or even 3, alleged accusers? Just because the zionist Mechalel Shabbos anti-religious newspapers said so?

    What evidence is there that Rav Gershon Edelstein shlita issued *any* Psak? Just because some online websites said so?

  46. YWN you guys did more than years of therapy for me.
    Getting up and seeing that I can feel safe again in my own community, knowing that our community won’t shut down victims!
    I have been living in suffering and pain for years, because a very holy man took advantage of me as a child.
    To all those who want to give Walder the benefit of the doubt, please be sensitive think twice before commenting here. You are stabbing knives into the Hart of the victims. The greatest pain is when we feel our pain is denied by making the victim feel illegitimate.

  47. A year ago I would have written him off and congratulated ywn. Since I started learning Chofetz Chaim my whole perspective changed. This is absolutely loshon hora. It’s hard to digest but that’s ratzon hashem. It makes sense because otherwise anyone can say anything about anyone. It’s so important to follow the tora. My heart bleeds for a man whos bing dragged in the mud. We must bring the geula by not talking lashen hara. We know the ירושלמי says there is no כפרה for spreading about פגם משפחה.

  48. MH613, please state your sources that say 20 credible people have come forth in this case. Every single source I read were 3 anonymous individuals claiming they were abused by Walder, two of them 20 years ago.

    If we are to condemn Walder we need proof that he actually abused these individuals. When I read these “sources” all they say is that these individuals were repeatedly abused in hotel rooms. That does not strike me as believable as a high profile Chareidi individual constantly going to hotels with girls is not something that could be hidden. But again, if proof comes out that he did abuse them then that’s of course we will condemn him in the strongest terms.

    It is extremely easy to destroy a person with false accusations. People here who are trusting about every word someone says do not understand that there are people with mental health issues who not only can lie well, but they believe their lies to be true. Again, I am not saying the accusers are wrong, I am not talking about victims of abuse in general, I am talking about those who falsely accuse others of deeds they have not done and there are plenty of such people on this planet. I am also saying that according to the laws of the Torah he cannot be judged guilty if there is no proof.

  49. B”h!
    Another one down. Im not at all surprised. This is a massive embarasement for the Chareidy community who gobbled up all his garbage til now באמונה שלימה. Everything he preached was חכמות חיצוניות, all sorts of nonsence he devised – not from the תורה הקדושה. He was considered the מחנך הדור because we are living in a עולם של שקר.

  50. He would never mention God or the Torah because that was not his intention. None of his philosophies can bring a person close to God – to go on the right path etc.
    If so all his עצות are all שקר. For in לקוטי הלכות it states that any עצה which does not bring a person close to God and the keeping of the Torah – to be an איש כשר; if so it is not an עצה. Only harm will result, and any apparent gain is a figment of the imagination. NNNNM!

  51. Thank you YWN for finally doing the right thing. After years of deafening silence you finally found the courage to do the right thing.
    I hope you will be the first of many and help protect our community you are serving.

  52. Anyone calling this “lashon hara” and bashing YWN has some sick skeletons in their closets.


    – More than 40 victims have come forward. Let me repeat that. FORTY VICTIMS.
    – Three have finished their interviews with police.
    – Police have frozen his passport.
    – Arrest will happen this week.

    And to all the naysayers, why not do some research. THESE CASES WERE IN FRONT OF BATEI DINIM FOR AGES! In fact, anyone who “knows” can tell you how much this animals paid to try and keep this quiet the past two years. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Read that correctly. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

    Additionally, here is a quote from Arutz 7 this morning:

    “Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the chief rabbi of Tzfat and a member of the Chief Rabbinate council, denounced children’s author Chaim Walder and called him a menace to society.

    “Based on an article in the Haaretz newspaper or another newspaper, such a serious conclusion is not drawn,” Rabbi Eliyahu told Rabbi Avi Berman on Galei Yisrael. “We did not draw a conclusion solely on the basis of what was written in the newspaper. We received very serious testimonies from the men and women who were harmed.”

    He said, “We also saw court rulings that referred to Chaim Walder’s very terrible involvement in families. Let’s put it bluntly – some families broke up because he did forbidden things with the woman and destroyed the family. These are things that came before a court and were clarified. ”

    “Things are very clear,” he said. “It’s not based on an article in the Haaretz newspaper. It’s based on a lot of testimonies, documents, transcripts, court records. Pictures, recordings. Unequivocal things.”

    “This person has the outward appearance of a God-fearing and good man and an educator but it is only an external shell,” he added. “Inside this person is dangerous to society, really dangerous, woven from the same thread as Scheinberg and Berland. People who do damage.”

    “That’s why I think we should not be close to anything of his,” he noted. “Such people should be condemned from society and it is impossible to condemn a man when you study his book. When you read this book it is as if you are saying ‘he is legitimate’. He is illegitimate. Instead of admitting to his acts and striving for redemption [doing Teshuva] he denies and lies. ”

    “These are the ones we must condemn, These are the ones for which it is written ‘I will remove the spirit of impurity from the earth’. In that we condemn such people and remove them from their positions of power, they say beware of this person. In this we ourselves share in the redemption that says the spirit of impurity I will transfer from the earth. In this the spirit of impurity is removed, ” says Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu.

  53. Who are the “rabbonim “ and “gedolim”? Who is the “daas Torah”? Where does the Torah provide for secrecy of those who decides about another’s life and parnassa? Sounds like the mafia, not Gedolei Torah.

  54. As far as seforim stores selling one sefer or the other, I can see both sides of the coin. I still remember a certain famous seforim store on Coney Island Avenue between J & K (still there) pulling Shmuley Boteach’s book off their shelves, but kept it behind the counter if a customer would come in requesting a copy. Nu nu. Every retail store is open so they can make a parnasa. That’s the whole point. If someone is offended by a certain book or sefer, no is forcing them to purchase them. But to threaten and intimidate a store owner if they sell them or stock it, that’s wrong. Since when did cancel culture enter unzera circles? Yes, I understand there is an issur of lifnei evair, but one has to ask a true posek how and when that applies. Again, no one is forcing anyone to enter any specific store. B”H there is plenty of competition. I’m not discussing a store that sells untzniusdika clothing or lace top shaitels. That’s a separate discussion.

  55. Bob hample 1
    If your being honest your crazy. How can you in your right mind expose your children to serious harm?? Because you choose not to believe something doesn’t mean it’s safe.
    If your not being honest than your just dishonest. I’m not sure which is worse. The first option or the second.

  56. I heard about this on a lot of other news outlets a few days before YeshivaWorld made an article about this. I was so impressed with YW that they keep away from loshen hora…. Until they posted this article. What a dissappintment.
    Who ever doesn’t know these things happen in the frum world, then they live under a rock.
    I know 3 frum people in jail for such things. But shall I kill their family too at a time that is hell for them…?
    I report to authorities. Reporting here is only loshen hora. Fact

    If it is true that there was a Din Torah regarding one of the women and the Psak stated that she is Asura Libayla and to Chaim W, then why was this kept a secret till now? Don’t other women and their families need to know about such things? Why? WhY? WHY? WHY? WHY? What’s the silence? Hachizona Yaase Es Achoiseinu????

  58. Can someone explain how this is not lashon harah.
    And, if it is can YWN please tell me how they had the halachic authority to do this.

  59. What a mess some people have for a mind.
    Anyone here who stood up for the ”victims ” is de facto stating that the allegations are true!
    If they are not true, then there are no victims. So when your told it’s pure issur to publicize such allegations without proof and you respond you are just standing up for the victims, you are in actual fact stating that he did it.
    No-one has a right to say such a thing.
    If you just mean victims of such crimes in general and somehow bandying around accusations about random people helps those victims, and you really care about the victims, then use your own name!
    Come out and accuse yourself of molesting people to show your support for victims. Don’t worry , there won’t be any proof so you won’t really suffer anything

  60. Because by not publicizing persons that are danger to others in any way whether financially emotional physical or any other way, one is Oiver on Lo Saamod Al Dam Reiecha

  61. Ok so let me get this straight.
    If you have someone that is a telemarketer by profession and rumors emerge that he’s actually a scammer and although not always but it has happened that with his convincing way of talking he can actually get you to buy the Brooklyn bridge for 30K and you wouldn’t know the better (bridge and amount were used as an example) as has happened already. So you would say sure pick up the phone when he calls, do business with him and don’t you dare tell anyone about these allegations because it’s Lashon Hara







  63. Anyone calling this “lashon hara” and bashing YWN has some sick skeletons in their closets.


    – More than 40 victims have come forward. Let me repeat that. FORTY VICTIMS.
    – Three have finished their interviews with police.
    – Police have frozen his passport.
    – Arrest will happen this week.

    בעלי לשון הרע

  64. The amount of Loshon Hara in publishing this report that should have never gone public UNTILL IT WAS COFIRMED. YOU CAN’t RUIN SOMEONES LIFE JUST BEC YOU NEED TO PUBLISH “HOCK”

    also the fact that you can misquote harav haagoen rav gershon edlestein who would never agree to publicize
    anything about a yid that it was not confirmed that he did commit this aveera is very wrong of YWN YEMACHSHEMAM VIZICHRAM

    In the case of Chaim Walder, even if the rumors turn out not to be true many people will still believe them.
    It is even possible this YWN will destroy not only this man’s life but the life of his children and grandchildren. Just imagine the damage you can do to someone’s business all for “HOCK”. However even if the rumors turn out to be true the avierah of LOSHON HARA is much greater than the aveirah Chaim Walder was accused to have done, and that avierah will be on the head of the people responsible for publishing this terrible article.

  65. Sadly dayanim and rabbonim do not get paid enough to agree to publicize a psak with thier name on it when laymen don’t like it. Why have to put up with harassing questioners and am haaratzim who cant think like daas torah for lack of knowledge.

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