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Lapid Named One Of The Top Leading Global Thinkers For Challenging ‘Ultra-Orthodox Bloc’

lapidIsrael’s Finance minister Yair Lapid was named #31 of the most influential global thinkers of 2013, in The Foreign Policy Magazine’s list of 100 global thinkers, for challenging “Israel’s powerful Orthodox bloc.”

In explaining the choice of Mr. Lapid’s status, Foreign Policy magazine writes, “Yesh Atid contested its first election in January 2013 and pushed the campaign conversation to include not only matters of peace and security, but also socioeconomic and group privilege. For instance, Lapid challenged Israel’s powerful Orthodox bloc—a practice Yesh Atid politicians have continued in office, cracking down on military service exemptions and instituting education standards for Orthodox schools. Lapid also urged a moderate approach to the peace process and advocated for a two-state solution—”a divorce agreement we can live with,” as he told voters.”

“Despite reports that Israelis were shifting to the right, Lapid’s campaign struck a chord, especially with young people. Yesh Atid came in second to the slate of candidates presented jointly by the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu parties, an outcome that earned Lapid the role of finance minister.”

“It’s evident that Lapid, whom the Jerusalem Post named the world’s most influential Jew this May, has big aspirations. In his frequent media interviews, he seems as passionate about foreign policy as he is about economics, and it’s widely expected that he’ll try for the prime minister’s office again.For Lapid, then, politics might just be the career that sticks.”

A Poll published today, however, found Mr. Lapid’s approval among the Israeli public at an all time low. According to the poll conducted for Channel 2, A majority of 70% of the Israeli public don’t trust him vs. 30% who still have faith in the serving Finance Minister.

“It turns out that Yair Lapid has become the disappointment of the most recent elections,” said pollster Israel Bechar.

Mr. Lapid also scored the lowest among the cabinet’s 23 ministers in a Panels poll sponsored tlast week by The Jerusalem Post’s Hebrew sister publication, Sof Hashavua.

The average score given to the ministers was only 50, but Mr. Lapid scored only 40, five lower than the ministers who tied for the second lowest grade, Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel and Immigrant Absorption Minister Sofa Landver.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

4 Responses

  1. If bring anti god makers you a thinker then there is a major problem but interestingly he is not thought of so highly in isreal. As polls show

  2. This coincides perfectly with the famous Chazal:
    כל המיצר לישראל נעשה ראש
    Anyone who causes trouble for Jews becomes a leader.

    If a non-Jew would have acted as Lapid against Chareidi Jews, he would have been condemned as a harsh anti-Semite (think Hitler ym”sh), however, since Lapid is a Jew in Israel it’s a different a game and the world looks up to him not as an anti-Semite but as a hero.

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