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Drama in Yerushalayim on Erev Shabbos

mishtara.jpgA dramatic incident occurred in Yerushalayim’s Ezras Torah neighborhood on Friday morning when an Arab male tried stealing a vehicle on Ya’akobson Street, ending in the Wadi Joz Arab section of eastern Jerusalem.

At about 7:30AM, a chareidi driver got out of his vehicle on Chana Street, near Ya’akobson Street while the engine was running. An Arab male realized the car was running and the driver was preoccupied, deciding to get in and try to drive off. The Jewish man jumped across the windshield, blocking the driver’s view of the road, but the thief continued driving as the owner hung on.

The thief continued driving, trying to throw the owner off of the windshield, striking the curb a number of times and also hitting poles on the street.

The thief continued driving on Bar Ilan Street, striking other vehicles and objects, all the while the owner is hanging on for his life.

At one point, a man who witnessed the event decided to fire his weapon in the air. The thief apparently panicked and abandoned the vehicle in the Wadi Joz area of the capital. Amazingly, the owner only sustained light injuries but the vehicle, a KIA van, was a total loss.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

4 Responses

  1. am I missing something?
    What is this drama called “Days of the Stupid”?
    What’s more important life or a car?
    which got bashed up anyways?

  2. The arab is a terrorist and a thief but this jew is not very smart, to say the least. First he leaves his car running (mistake #1) and then he risks his life in such a ridiculous manner.

  3. even a “safe” neighborhood like Ezras Torah isn’t safe. One should never leave his car runnung unattended for even a minute, not in E”Y, not in Lakewood, Monsey etc. (“safe neighborhoods”)

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