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Ayelet Shaked: “Israel Expects Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ukrainian Immigrants”

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked on Thursday said that hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Ukraine, Russia, and other countries in the area are expected to immigrate to Israel in the coming days and weeks.

“We think tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of immigrants, will arrive in Israel from Ukraine, Russia and former Soviet satellite states in the area,” Shaked said at a conference meeting of regional council heads, which took place in the Golan.

Apart from Ukrainian Jews, who are fleeing from their country, there has been a sharp increase of interest in aliyah from Jews in Russia since the invasion began as well, likely due to a fear of political and economic instability.

Shaked added that she is pressuring the government to approve seven to twelve new communities in the Negev, saying that not only does she think that the plan is vital to strengthen Israel’s hold on the Negev but new housing is now needed as well.

“We already have a housing shortage in the country, and what will happen when new immigrants from Russia and Ukraine arrive?” she said, calling on the council heads to prepare to absorb new immigrants.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Not likely.

    Those with high levels of Jewish identity have long since immigrated to Israel. The remaining ones see Israel has a place with a very foreign language and culture, and come serious civil rights issues (especially for persons of Jewish descent who aren’t necessarily Jews according to halacha). Remember that they are leaving Ukraine since they are Ukrainians, not due to anti-Semitism (which is a factor that steers persons with Jewish ancestry towards Israel).

    The rest will prefer language. Many European countries speak languages they already know or can learn easily, or at least have been studying in school, Europe has a serious labor shortage, and has already been a destination for Ukrainians seeking better jobs.

  2. Mayhem and war are always useful to the Zionists (to the point that the Zionists have themselves instigated the same in the past, like when they were caught doing so in Egypt in the middle of last century) because the Zionists can then try to fool people into coming to their Zionist paradise.

    The Zionists conveniently ignore that their State has never known a day of peace in its existence, so anyone fleeing a war-torn country would be far better off if they fled to a stable country rather than the perpetually-at-war Zionist State of Israel.

    That’s besides for the gross immorality and shmad of the Zionists in the Zionist State of Israel.

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