WATCH: HaRav Shimon Galay: Obligatory to Practice Safety and Caution on Lag BaOmer


HaRav Shimon Galay, shlit”a, issued a rare and stern warning about Lag BaOmer, warning his followers to be extremely careful following the tragedy that occurred last year in Meron.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It seems that these warnings are not taken seriously and there are always those who show up and ignore the directions of the security forces and push their way in to get a “better view” etx.

  2. איזהו חכם הרואה את הנולד
    People, even those who purport to higher standards, think they deserve…. Even if it comes at a risk of harming themselves and others.
    They dont want to be told “No” or limited in any way even though the Torah teaches us otherwise.
    They dont see the forest for the trees.

  3. kotonhadorah, you are mamish going past your previous set records and show that it is even possible to write loshon horah on events that have not even yet occurred, I am amazed!