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Hamas Threatens Israel: “We Won’t Accept This Talmudic Nonsense”

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyah on Sunday threatened that the terror group will fire rockets at Israel if the Jerusalem Flag March goes ahead as planned next Sunday.

“I warn the enemy against committing such crimes and these steps,” he said in a statement.

“Our Palestinian people and their resistance in Jerusalem and the West Bank do not and will not accept the occurrence of this Talmudic Jewish nonsense. All Israeli cities will be targeted by our missiles if the flag parade passes through Sha’ar Shechem.”

Internal Security Minister Omer Barlev announced last week that this year’s march will pass through Sha’ar Shechem as it is customary, following the recommendation of Israel Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai.

Last year, Israel Police recommended that the march avoid Sha’ar Shechem, a move that failed to prevent the outbreak of Operation Guardian of the Walls. Due to last year’s cancellation, the march is expected to draw particularly large crowds this year.

The Flags March was a source of conflict in the Cabinet meeting on Sunday morning, with Meretz MKs and several other coalition members decrying the decision to allow the march to pass through Sha’ar Shechem. Environmental Protection Minister Tamar Zandberg  called the march “a provocative act for political purposes.”

However, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett insisted that the march will pass through Sha’ar Shechem because “it has always been that way.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Zionist leader “Bennett insisted that the march will pass through Sha’ar Shechem because “it has always been that way.””.

    It’s strange that the Hamas savage would label it “Talmudic” nonsense. It is most certainly nonsense, but nothing to do with the Talmud.

    A responsible leader of any “country” would avoid antagonizing the Arabs unnecessarily, though that is, of course, exactly what Zionism is about: antagonizing the Arabs unnecessarily because the Zionists need a State to shmad Jews.

    So, since “it has ‘always’ been this way”, the Zionist leader seems to have decided to continue to unnecessarily antagonize the Arabs, regardless of the consequences R”L L”A.

  2. If an Israeli official would use the insulting term “Koran silliness” the Muslims of the world would riot in protest, standing up for the honor of their “holy book”, but we must silently hang our heads in shame when we hear the insulting term “Talmudic nonsense”

  3. @Hakatan

    Funny, I thought Satmar was doing a good job at telling the world that Talmudic jews aren’t represented by the Zionists. I guess Hamas didn’t get the message.

  4. Maybe better Bennet should parade his Yarmulka instead of the flag, this way he can have his cake and eat it too because there’s no chance Hamas or anyone will be able to identify such a small thing!

  5. It’s so weird that with a frum group showing outrage on Shabbos to a Talmid Chacham, people can’t temporarily reassess how to respond to the Zionists.

  6. I comment to HaKatan:

    You are.wrong because:
    1. As the Hamas Rasha said, simply having the flag parade, regardless of where the parade passes, will result in rockets fired at Israel.

    2. You are correct.

  7. 2. Hamas wants to destroy us, so nothing we do as a country in Eretz Yisrael will avoid ‘antagonising” them.

    3. There are Arab Israeli.citizens that are proud of their country. They realize the difference between living in a Monarchy like Jordan, or an Authoritarian government like the PA is far worse than living in a.democracy like Israel.

    You are correct that this issue has nothing to do with the Talmud.

    Also, you would be correct if the parade passess through Har HaBayis. That would be a provocation.

    אם אין אני לי מי לי?

  8. Till when will people let these parades go on?
    the Isreali Flag is the symble of a government not based on the torahrather against the torah and hashem rachmana lztlan.
    we have to remember that baavod reshoim reena and hate them instead of demoting “Talmudic nonsense” and yes silently hang our heads in silense sicne we are in exile!

  9. they are using the term Talmud – in order to identify with hatred from the western world.
    it’s another way of saying “religous orthodox jews” (who are anti muslim and christian), as supposed to reform or liberals.
    the world looks at the zionists as ultra-orthodox – surprisingly enough

  10. Those Jews, “Hasidish” mostly, who post their vitriol agains the State Of Israel (not a kingdom that’s supposed to rise with the coming of the Meshiah) are the same ones whose grandparents prayed, as they walked like sheep to the gas chambers, as opposed to the Jews who fought back, like the REAL Jews in Israel today!
    Oh, both have died, but at least the ones who faught back, died as proud people, standing tall with guns in their hands, and not in their knees like lambs led to slaughter!

  11. DrMiddos:
    There is absolutely zero need to have a parade with the Zionist flag anywhere. If any rasha (with power/ability) anywhere would threaten even the hair on the head of a Jew if there would be such a parade, regardless of route, then the Torah would obviously require that the parade be cancelled.

    The penetration of Zionist idolatry is mind-boggling.

  12. Chaylev Halyah:
    I don’t think so. Perhaps he’s confusing the Torah and Talmud with the Zionist leader’s mini-kippah.

  13. @Kach
    Dumbest thing anyone coulda said.
    Really? is it better to die with a gun in your hand? WHY?
    And those that prayed did so because there was no way for them to change the reality, naturally (Proof: those with guns also died, like you said).
    They were ALSO proud – did you ever read R Elchanan’s speech before he was killed? He was VERY PROUD! more proud than you losers. That’s right! the warsaw ghetto uprising was done by a bunch of losers! they all ended up being killed, which might not have happened otherwise. Im not judging – cuz i was not there; just talking.

  14. Chaylev Halyah
    It’s better to die as men than be slaughtered like sheep!
    I can see that you are a coward who would choose the latter. I choose the former, as my grandfathers and grandmothers did!

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