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MORE DECREES REVEALED: 1/3 Of Budget For Yeshivos Slashed, No Subsidies For Kollel Families

Nothing, not even the fact that the coalition lacks a majority and can topple any day, can deter Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman from continuing his anti-religious decrees, this time as part of the 2023 state budget and Arrangements Law.

Following the uncovering of his plan to abolish religious councils, it was revealed on Wednesday evening that Lieberman included a series of clauses in the budget that will cause severe harm to the Olam HaTorah and large families.

The first clause is a fatal blow to the budget for yeshivos, slashing it by one-third – from NIS 1.2 billion to NIS 800 million, almost half a billion shekels.

The second clause is a reduction in the budget of Chareidi educational networks from 100% to 75%.

The third clause applies the same regulations as the daycare decree, which has been delayed for now, to afternoon school programs – ensuring that kollel families will no longer be able to receive subsidies. The same regulations will apply to rental assistance and property tax discounts.

According to the report, these clauses were discussed in the Finance Ministry, and senior officials were adamantly opposed to them, but as usual, Lieberman listens to no one but himself.

However, now that these clauses have been revealed, it is unlikely that Yamina MK Nir Orbach, who threatened Prime Minister Bennett to leave the coalition if the daycare decree wasn’t revoked, would agree to move forward with the budget in its present form.

Some say that since the budget has very little chance of being passed in the Knesset, Lieberman is simply ramping up his anti-Chareidi rhetoric in preparation for the next election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Note that this means that Israel has been paying billions for chareidi education, and providing a number of great programs that allow people to better learn Torah. Maybe if we were more appreciative of the good the medinah has done, we would continue to receive these gifts from HKBH who really runs things.

  2. All those who marched for Soviet Jewry in the ’70s; ask yourselves if it was worth it? THIS is the thanks we get for having sacrificed to help our brothers behind the Iron Curtain. These “Chazir fressers” who were longing to be free to be Jews were really longing to be Frei capitalists!!! They only care about $$ and they only care about themselves. They have no concern for the Jewish People (unless they are Russian). Thank you so much!!!

  3. Wake-up call yet?
    When will the Jewish people (not yidden) the Kol Kehal of all walks of life and traditions Will wake up to the Amei Haaretz that plagues and undermine Us.
    Hay Maschiach will come when the rich and comfortable Jews along with rest will stand with a plan and unity.
    So shut up and stop singing the feel good songs and let our brothers suffer in abject poverty.
    Start loving jews and Jews BeChinam.
    Start giving of your self (the whole of your self) and feel the pain of Jews as if they were you, your mother and your father. Imagine as if your sons and doughters are going to merry a goy with cross in church.
    HaShem sees you disconnected, He in His glory disconnect from you.
    Have mercy on widows, orphans and converts.
    Give a Jew a Job and Parnassa.
    Teach a Jew how to pedal and make Parnassa. Advise the blind on a straight path.
    Don’t cheat on hours working.
    Don’t seek to be an Honorable Chief Rabbi and seek glory for a picture op.
    Honor ONLY belongs to HaShem. There are Jews out there who’s Neshama are begging for connection to Jewish community, Shabbos, Kosher, Tahara, Torah and Avos. DONT discount them unless you want to be disconnected by Melech Malchai Hamelachim Hakadosh BaruchHu.
    Be a Jew

  4. this has to stop…..prayers are equal if not more greatful and needed than a wage….how dare you do this… is amazing how these oversized egos forget there is a day after the election

  5. Isn’t there a government? Is this an autocracy? Don’t things have to be ratified? Where is everyone else on this?

  6. He sees the non-stop protests and fighting, so he realizes that it’s very unhealthy for young people not to work. He happens to be right.

  7. Israel is in financial straits. It cannot afford to subsidize the lifestyles of tens of thousands of full time learners. These guys could easily get jobs and leave their poverty behind. But the communities and rebbeim discourage this for their own reasons.
    This will be good in the long term. I have lost jobs and my family was in severe financial straits. But it forces you to be resourceful, frugal and thank HaShem for every penny and every bracha.

  8. The more the Zionists fight the Torah, the closer it is that their idol State and heretical ideology become history, may it be very, very soon.

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