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WATCH: IDF Intercepts 3 Hezbollah UAVs Aimed At Gas Field

The IDF over Shabbos intercepted three UAVs launched from Lebanon, apparently by the Hezbollah terror organization.

The drones were headed toward the Karish gas field in Israel’s territorial waters.

The gas field is the subject of an ongoing maritime border dispute between Lebanon and Israel, with Israel asserting that the area is part of its UN-recognized economic zone and Lebanon claiming that it is a disputed area. The US has been mediating indirect talks on the issue between Jerusalem and Beirut for almost two years.

Two of the UAVs were shot down by Barak missiles launched by the Saar 5 Class Corvette INS Eilat ship and the third one was intercepted by an F16 fighter jet.

Israeli security officials believe that Hezbollah launched the drones in order to undermine the ongoing talks on the issue.

The UAVs were “identified at an early stage and monitored throughout their flights by air control units and then intercepted at the most appropriate operational point,” an IDF spokesperson stated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. all the waters due west of E”Y all the way up to Sidon (in modern-day lebanon) belong to the Jews.

    the IL govt should not negotiate nor compromise on any territorial waters/grounds and especially not with terrorists…

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