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Watch: Stranger Than Fiction: Police Arrest Arab For Letting Dog “Drive” Car

Israel Police arrested a resident of the Arab village of Ein Naqquba on Monday after a video circulated online showing him letting his dog “drive” his car while sitting on his lap.

The police located the 35-year-old driver and detained him for questioning for suspected reckless driving.

The police also discovered that the suspect was driving a car that lacked proper safety documentation.

A police statement said: “The suspect behaved in a seriously inappropriate manner when he let his dog hold onto the steering wheel, endangering others on the road. He then published a video of the dangerous act and it came to the attention of the police. Those who commit such acts disrespect human life. We will continue to work to enforce serious traffic violations and eliminate them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

8 Responses

  1. 1. Was the dog Arab or Jewish? What religion was the dog? What political party or faction does the dog support?

    2. Why would someone post a video proving the he was engaging in illegal activities unless he was trying to get arrested?

    3. Is there any chance an Israeli start-up trying to push a system for automated driving was involved?

  2. For some people, it’s no different than letting a child drive the car. Many children remember their father letting them drive. The adult is responsible for any accidents.

  3. drmiddos613 : The story is only newsworthy if it is somehow connected to a terrorist activity (e.g. a diversion) or more likely, has to do with activities of Israeli companies to produce self-driving cars (something Israeli companies have been heavily involved with).

    A nutcase doing something stupid is not newsworthy by any standard.

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