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Israel Tightens Ban On Bringing Arba Minim Into Country

As Sukkos approaches, Israel’s Agricultural Ministry tightened the ban on bringing sets of arba minim into the country from abroad.

A statement from the ministry said that in order to prevent agmas nefesh of passengers who bring arba minim with them into Israel, the ministry’s inspectors will gift them with an Israeli set of arba minim.

As it does every year before and during Tishrei, the Agricultural Ministry has increased its inspectors at border control to thwart the entry of arba minin into Israel that may be infested with various pests.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Gevallt!!!!’

    Will there be some ehrliche yidden who are able to get “special permits” to import $500 esrogim from Calabria on behalf of those whose need for hidur mitzvah outweighs any concerns for esrog bugs??

  2. Remember when, for a time Israeli customs confiscated a new version of iPad or something similar? It turned out that Omri Sharon had just done a sole importer deal with the manufacturers, and engineered it so that even private owners couldn’t encroach on his fiefdom. Same thing in this case. The Israeli esrog industry has seen to it that only theirs are available. For this same reason imports of foreign fruit and vegetables are severely restricted.

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