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Tragedy In Uman: Israeli Man Collapses & Dies On The Way Home

An Israeli man who spent Rosh Hashanah in Uman suddenly collapsed as he was leaving the city and was niftar.

The 48-year-old man lost consciousness while on a bus from Uman to the airport in Warsaw, Poland.

Hatzalah volunteers who were called to the scene carried out advanced resuscitation techniques but unfortunately, after prolonged efforts they were forced to declare his death at the scene.

The niftar was later identified as Moshe Yehonasan Lipman, z’l, a resident of the Meron moshav. Sadly, he never married and passed away without leaving zera shel kayama.

Aharon Ben-Harosh, deputy head of Hatzalah Uman, said: “This is a tragic case following the Rosh Hashanah tefillos in Uman. We’re now working on arrangements to fly the niftar to Israel, with the assistance of Breslover askanim.

Yehi Zichro Baruch.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. See? They warned everyone not to go to Uman, and this man ignored the warnings, and look what happened!

    (I wonder what the average casualty rate at Uman is every Rosh Hashana, and whether this year, with one death, is actually below average.)

  2. Min HaShamayim Tenachaymu – The GREATEST of one our Chachmeem, ztvk”l in this generation used to get very upset yearly when he would hear people from his Eidah were going to Uman from Eretz HaKedosha. He would say you are leaving Eretz HaKedosha to pray in a foreign land, where you will be going to a kever to pray your tefillot for all good things but you left them all behind. You’ve left your wife alone, you’ve left your children alone where they have no father standing and sitting at the table making Kiddush and Motzei. Who’s going to take them to the synagogue and show them how to pray? Who’s going to show the children the significance of the Simanim that are eaten on Rosh Hashana? How about all the Tzadekeem buried in Eretz Yisrael that you’re neglecting and they feel neglected? It has to be a requirement of EVERY TRAVELER GOING TO UMAN “”MUST”” GET A MEDICAL PHYSICAL BY THEIR DOCTORS BEFORE THEY TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF ERETZ YISRAEL. Did this man have a previous medical (cardiac) history? Was he taking medication? Had he taken his medication timely as he did back in Israel? Did he drink enough liquids during his stay in Uman? Had he been put under any extreme stress during his stay in Uman? Did he have a traveling partner that knew of his medical condition?

  3. Daniel Danieli, well said.

    Milhouse… it’s been a long time (they let you out for good behavior?) but your comments are just as obnoxious today as they were years ago.

  4. Hml, you are obnoxious. And it hasn’t been a long time; I’ve been here all along. Don’t pretend I haven’t.

    Daniel, you’re an idiot. This man’s time had come; if he’d stayed home it would have happened the same way. The point is that this is the only casualty, which for a crowd that size is pretty amazing, and nothing like the hysterical warnings we heard. As for your so-called “GREATEST of our Chachameem”, it has always been the practice of chassidim to spend Rosh Hashana with their rebbe, and chassidishe wives have always made yomtov at home. This is no different, especially since Reb Nachman explicitly asked his chassidim to come to him for Rosh Hashana, and promised to help those who do come. And I guarantee Reb Nachman was much greater than your “GREATEST”, whoever that is.

  5. To Milhouse:
    This man’s time did not come.
    If he would have stayed home, he would still be alive.
    I discussed the subject with my Rav. He was very clear. Both governments warned them not to come. It is Assur to travel through dangerous conditions.
    What did your Rav say?
    Thank you for your wonderful comment
    May all of Klal Yisroel merit a year filled with the best health possible.

  6. Daniel Danieli there kids come along what are you saying Milhouse they warned everyone not to go because of the war this person was not nifter because of the war

  7. I want to explain my earlier comment.
    Of course he did not die thru a direct missile hit.
    Going to Uman this year was a dangerous move. My Rav said that there is a Gemara– The Gemara explained a story where the Malach HaMaves took the wrong lady. She put her hands into the oven without oven mitts and Hashem said that she was very irresponsible in regards to the health of her hands.

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