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WATCH: Horrifying: Terrorists In Jenin Use Kids As Human Shields

During the gun battle between Israeli security forces and terrorists in Jenin on Wednesday morning, armed terrorists purposely ran into a kindergarten after shooting at IDF soldiers.

Their aim was to use the children as human shields, hoping the soldiers wouldn’t shoot back at them due to the presence of children.

Terrified children and horrified teachers can be seen in the video, with the teachers shouting: “No! Where are you going?”

YWN readers shouldn’t hold their breaths. There will be no international rage over this incident as Israelis are not the perpetrators of this outrageous abuse of innocent children.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Tatte! Yeti ratzon shetimchol li for feeling so bad for these unfortunate children. Oy, it tears at the heart.
    But I must work on inculcating into my psyche the yearning showcased in the great book of the sweet singer of Yisroel: indeed, Lucky/praiseworthy is he that grasps [our enemies’] infants and smashes them upon the rocks!
    Oy, Tatte, it’s so hard to work on truly having da’as Torah! Help me, please! But for now, I have nothing but pity for these goyishe children…

  2. To Yashar: Instead of this passive aggresive assertion of moral superiority, perhaps you should ask a wise person what the passuk means there and how we are to understand it. Perhaps he will explain that it is simply a hope that our enemies experience the pain they inflicted by doing this to our children by seeing their actions visited upon their own. Or, as the Raavad says, that their own enemies, not us, will do that to them. The question is valid. Your sneering audacity is not.

  3. @Barzilai: Wow. I have never felt so misunderstood.
    1) I was not at all “sneering.” I was being 1,000% serious. Just because you didn’t feel bad for the kids, does not mean I didn’t. I did. Very much so. As I said… right… not sure where you invented this sneering business from… must’ve been projection or transference of some sort, I presume…
    2) what did the pshatim you mentioned have to do with anything? In what way do they mean we wouldn’t be supposed to be happy? I completely don’t understand your point.
    3) I also don’t know what you mean by a “question” being “valid.” What question? I didn’t ask a question. The hashkafas hatorah on this matter is quite clear – whether it means us or their enemies or whomsoever! I guess you could, if you wish (I didn’t wish… again… you’d rem to be struggling mightily with projections and the like today, but YDY, my guy), ask your hashkafic mentors a relevant question should you choose. Not sure if the relevance to me, though.
    Please explain.

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