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WATCH: Arabs Hurl Firebomb At Bus Full Of Children & Babies On Way To Bnei Brak

Arab terrorists threw a Molotov cocktail at the 189 bus on the way from the yishuv of Emmanuel to Bnei Brak on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred as the bus passed by the Palestinian village of Azzun, near Qalquilya.

Pinchas, 24, a passenger on the bus, told Arutz Sheva that the firebomb hit the side of the bus. “I felt the heat of the fire, it was frightening.”

He added that the driver spotted the terrorists and tried to swerve to the side. “He almost lost control but thanks to his vigilance, he prevented a sure disaster since the Molotov cocktail could have hit the front of the bus and caused an accident.”

“A child sitting in the front seat that was filled with glass shards fell off the seat due to the driver almost losing control – this actually saved him from the glass hitting his face.”

Pinchas said the bus passengers were all Chareidi families returning to their homes in Bnei Brak. “Everyone was screaming and was in hysterics,” he described the harrowing scene.

He praised the behavior of the bus driver and several passengers who calmed the others. “We continued driving until the checkpoint, where security forces were waiting for us after receiving a report about the incident.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. And WHITE democrat senators, Kirsten Gillabrand and Bob Casey are only “concerned” about Ben Gvir joining the coalition.

  2. Heilige Yidden, You must vote in the next election. Otherwise,those terrorizing us will just gain power in Israel. Hashem Yerachem!

  3. Seriously, what kind of person does this? Politics and religion aside. Who throws a bomb at a bus?
    These are truly enemies of humanity.

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