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Lapid Panders To Arabs: “I’ll Amend Nation-State Law, Won’t Allow Jewish Prayer On Har HaBayis”

Prime Minister Yair Lapid is trying to woo Arab voters by chipping away at the Jewish identity of Israel.

In interviews with two Arabic media outlets on Tuesday, Lapid that if he’s elected, he’ll amend the Nation-State law, which enshrines Israel’s status as the national home of the Jewish people.

“I opposed the Nation-State law and I think it should be changed and a civil equality clause added to it,” Lapid said, adding that the law is “an insult to non-Jewish citizens of Israel.”

Lapid said that when the law was passed in 2018, he said in the Knesset plenum that “the State will not humiliate its citizens.”

Lapid also stressed that he won’t change the status quo on Har HaBayis, allowing Muslims to pray there but not Jews.

“We will take care of the freedom of worship of Muslims at al-Aqsa, who can go up to pray,” he said. “We allow Jews to visit but not to pray. They visit under supervision to ensure that the status quo is not violated.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Is it me or politicians are getting stupider by the second? Without going into the halachic debate (if there’s one to begin with) wether Jews are allowed to access har habayis or not, this imbecile doesn’t realize how idiotic and ridiculous he really sounds: so he wants civil equality? Because he doesn’t want to insult Israel’s [non-jewish] citizens? But he wants freedom of worship only for Muslims. How does that exactly work? Singling out someone for their religion and prohibit them an activity for the mere fact that they are Jewish, and allow it to others just because they are not Jewish, that’s not insulting citizens. And that’s civil equality. Realize that there is no other “democracy” where such a thing would be tolerated? Mamash מלכות הרשעה

  2. What an utter fool. He’s here for one thing and one thing only- his kavod and political survival. He could care less about the Jewish state or his nation. This is what happens when they abandon the Torah way.

  3. There is a halachic issue with having non-jews in Israel.

    Israel is for the Jews alone.

    This is our land because God gave it exclusively to us.

  4. How is that pandering to the Arabs? If he thought he could get away with it, he (and his supporters) would ban davening from all of Eretz Yisrael.

  5. When you’re so liberal that you accidentally end up being more Machmir than religious Jews. The irony… for real though, I hope he dies before the next election. Have him in mind when davening למינים ולמלשינים אל תהי תקווה

  6. Good thing this isn’t apartheid or Jim Crow in any manner.

    I’m moving to Israel, and I want to campaign for having two separate sets of water fountains.

  7. If he wants to change the nation-state law, he is a dangerous man. Every one who can has to vote against him..Charter planes and come to vote. It’s no joke.

  8. Lol.
    Hes maybe pandering by mistakenly trying to uphold a sacred Jewish law. Its a tragicomedy how a secular Zionist is trying to win his chair by not even knowing that hes just saying it as it is. A JEW IS FORBIDDEN TO ENTER THE HOLY PLACE. Its not political! Its VERBOTTEN!
    How much bloodshed did it already bring upon Jews? Wake up you sleepy Israelis. U can leave the Torah where you abandoned it in the first place but understand that the common sense of a Jew to just stay away.
    How dumb and ignorant can one be??!!

  9. Don’t most of the poskim that forbid entering the Har Habayis also prohibit men from using an electric shaver?

    Yet, many frum men ignore this potential issue d’oraysa by relying on a verbal psak that Reb Moshe gave to one individual (to use the old shavers that leave behind stubble – not the modern day ones that are k’ain ta’ar).

    Do we pick and choose which hanhogos we keep based on psokim of gedolei Yisroel not to enter HarHabayis and which pesokim we rely on daas yechidim (at best) contrary to the well publicized and often repeated pisokim of the Chazon Ish, Reb Chaim Kanevsky, Chofetz Chaim and literally dozens of similar poskim that we all know who totally prohibit shaving?!

    Is it because it is convenient not to enter harHabayis so I can “afford” to follow majority halachic opinion here) while it is inconvenient to not shave, so I can be a chareidi (choreid lidvar Hashem) and still ignore the psak halacha issued by our greatest poskim because it is inconvenient to grow a beard, thus I will rely on a questionable, unpublished daas yochid – even one as great as Reb Moshe, which may not even apply to me today?

    The shaving is permitted and even encouraged in many Alef Litvish yeshivos, but when it comes to every far fetched chura, the yeshivas encourage their people to keep chumras on top of chumras (- add a chumra each week) but ignore piskei halacha of Gedolei Yisroel that prohibit shaving. Is that not ma’asei sotton?!

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