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MURDERERS: Terrorists Disconnect Israeli-Druze Teen from Life Support, Kidnap Him as He’s Dying

An 18-year-old Israeli Druze boy was kidnapped from a hospital and then murdered by Arab terrorists.

The boy, named Tiran Pero, was critically injured in a car accident on Tuesday night and transported to a hospital in Palestinian Authority-controlled Jenin. Armed gunmen, apparently members of the Islamic Jihad, entered the hospital that night, disconnected the teen’s life support, and then kidnapped him as he died.

The Palestinian Authority was able to retrieve the body and placed it in an ambulance to hand over to the IDF, as the deceased teen was an Israeli citizen. But another group of terrorists hijacked the ambulance and again stole the body.

“This is murder. It’s a terrorist attack. He was sedated and on life support; he was alive,” the boy’s uncle, Edri Fero, said. “They were shooting in the air and shouting in Arabic… nobody dared to stop them. They disconnected him from the machines and tossed him into a car.”

Palestinian sources suggested that the terrorists took Tiran because they suspected he was an Israeli soldier. The body is now believed to be in the Jenin Refugee Camp.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  1. The murdered young man was not, “one of their own”. He was certainly not one of the bloodthirsty terrorist murderers.

    Was he a Palestinian Arab? No, he was an Israeli Druze, who are not known to identify with Palestinian Arabs, or even Arabs in general, despite speaking Arabic.

    The headline is an insult to this innocent youth.

  2. so painful to see this young Isaeli Druzi murdered…….may all this nonsense stop and may we learn to take care of ourselves and not need the evil influences of those around the world

  3. Interesting to watch how unconcerned the driver is about the militant group nearing the ambulance. He had ample time to quickly drive away. I don’t buy for one second the portrayal of the PA as wishing to return the man and being surprised by the hijackers who kidnapped him a second time.

  4. the PA is a joke and they have almost no real enforcement authority with events transpiring in the territories that they supposedly “control”

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