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Father Of Injured Bochur: “My Son Saw An Arab Taking Photos Of The Bus Stop”

Avi Biton, the father of a teen critically wounded in the terror attack on Wednesday morning, told Ynet that prior to the attack, his son saw an Arab take photos of the bus stop.

Avi’s son Elchanan, was sitting next to his friend Aryeh, h’yd, who lost his life in the explosion.

“My son saw that before the attack, a man who looked like an Arab came and took photos of the bus station at the entrance to the city, and a few minutes later there was an explosion,” Avi said. “He took photos of the people at the bus stop and disappeared.”

“My son and his friend were sitting on a bench at the entrance to the city at the hitchhiking area. Suddenly, he heard a loud explosion and they flew in the air. My son was injured by many shards of shrapnel. He has a shard in his skull that the doctors couldn’t extricate because it’s right next to blood vessels. He has fractures in his vertebrae and pelvis and bleeding in his stomach. We’re hoping that b’ezras Hashem, there will be a yeshuah.”

The public is asked to daven for Avi’s son – a refuah sheleimah l’ Elchanan ben Livnat, as well as for a seriously injured man of about 60 – Chaim Nochum ben Feiga Rivka b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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