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ANOTHER NEIS: Gas Canister Attached To Bomb Failed To Explode

The search for the terrorists who perpetrated the deadly bombings in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning continues but meanwhile, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court approved a police request to place a gag order on further details of the investigation on the attacks.

However, prior to the gag order, several more details were published about the attack. Israeli security officials believe that the terrorists were residents of east Jerusalem. Additionally, it was publicized that a gas canister that was attached to the explosive device at Tzomet Ramot failed to explode.

If the gas canister would have exploded together with the bomb, it would have set off a significantly more powerful explosion that could have caused severe injuries and/or deaths to the people on the bus that had pulled away from the bus stop seconds before the explosion, as well as nearby passersby.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. May it be in your will my god and the god of my forefathers that the killer get burned alive, that his arms and legs get cut off with bleach and hot iron poured into his wounds, that him, his parents wife and children perish in the most gruesome way possible, that the shouts of his children’s agony be heard for us to celebrate in the streets of Zion AMEN!!

  2. SfardiGamur – sorry that’s not the Jewish way! We pray that Hashem watches over us that no harm befalls us – his holy nation klal Yisroel, and foils all evil plans against us, and that hashem will repay those Reshaim the way HE sees fit.

  3. @Englisher , SfardiGamur is 100% ok

    As you pray everyday as well וכל הזדים מהרה יכרתו – SfardiGamur was just a little more explanatory version , AMEN

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