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Rothman Addresses Jewish English Speakers: “Don’t Believe The Lies, Read The Bill”

The chairman of the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionist Party) spoke in English from the Knesset plenum on Monday evening in a message to Jews in the Diaspora who “believe the lies of the opposition.”

The speech came as the government passed the first of the judicial reform laws amid outrage and widespread protests from left-wing protesters who claim that the government is “crushing democracy.”

Rothman, who was the architect of the judicial reform together with Justice Minister Yariv Levin, slammed the lies and incitement by members of the opposition. Switching to English, Rothman said: “I beg you, I beg you, my friends, and our friends from around the world: Don’t read the news, read the bill, read what’s in this law.”

“This law is very simple. It says that the Knesset can act as a sovereign and make basic laws and the Court cannot cancel them. And it says that the Israeli people, the Jewish people in their homeland, will have the ability to choose their judges – like any other free country in the world.”

“We want to be a democracy like any other democracy in the world, in which the nation, the people, can choose and elect their judges. Don’t believe the lies, read the bill.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. The left wing anti Torah Knesset members, in the minority, are acting like little immature children. Just like Dasan & Aviram, their time will come.

  2. “We want to be a democracy like any other democracy in the world, …” while in this context he is right, unfortunately it was said before: “נהיה ככל הגוים” in a very bad and destructive way r”l.

  3. look of that face of Lapid. he is allowed to Interrupt everybody only he is important.He has no manners and ios a big liar. and a hater of am Israel

  4. Left and right. All the same. All part of a Medinah spiting Hashem.
    Its even sadder to see chareidim in kenesset than the Lapid style.
    Its a Ben Gurion, Herzel government. No matter how u throw it. Face it all.

  5. Miriam, my dear, step into the 21st century. Ben Gurion and Herzl are long gone! Do you live in Israel? How do you know that left and right are the same? it’s easy to sit at the sidelines and critisize, but what do you think all our medina hating, zionist bashing brethern will do when the Americans show American jewry the door and explain to them that they are no longer wanted in America? (like what is happening now, but American Jews are so attached to the galus that they dont see the handwriting on the wall.) and noon eelse will want them? Believe me, the only ones who will give a hoot will be the “tzionim” and all the chachoomim will be on the next plane to Israel.

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