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Satmar Announces Fast Day, Levaya For Sifrei Torah, Tefillin

Members of the Satmar kehilla in Jerusalem gathered at the home of the Rav of the kehilla HaRav Moshe Teitelbaum following the massive fire that destroyed three Satmar buildings in Geulah in the early hours of Shabbos morning, including a Beis Medrash, a shul and a Talmud Torah.

The members of the kehilla spoke to the Satmar Rebbe by telephone and the Rebbe decided that a day of teshuvah and fasting will be held on Tuesday, Zayin Adar.

Sadly, two Sifrei Torah that were burned as well as many sets of Tefillin and mezuzos have to be buried. The levaya will take place on Monday evening.

HaRav Moshe Teitelbaum speaks with the Satmar Rebbe.

The tefillos and shiurei Torah at Satmar have been temporarily relocated to the Vizhnitzer  tischim hall on Rechov Talmudi.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. I question whether it is proper to display pictures of burnt sifrei torah and tashmishei kedusha. I am certain you would not display pictures of a corpse, and a burnt sefer torah, leaniyus daati, deserves the same sensitivity. perhaps a rov should be consulted.

  2. Veleche Satmar?
    D Sarmar erlicha Yidden. Yene Satmar. And by chance they belong to R Ahron.
    I wish ALL chasidus that NEVER fought but are now split and would kill their own brothers for being on the opposing side, shld LEARN from Satmar how to “fight.”
    Sstnar chasidim have always attended simchas within the Satmar chasidus regarding where they belonged, while the “non Machlokes chasidim” wont even recognize their parents if they are on the opposition. Kids are alienated from parents. Everywhere besides in Satmar.
    So all you Satmar bashers out there: come to Satmar and learn how to fight. We have own mosdos but we share eveyones simchas ALWAYS.
    Just food for thought after this horrific fire.

  3. Thank you Miriam for pointing out how Satmar comes together and shares everyone’s simchas.
    I come from a long line of Litvish Misnagdim. Right after WWII a cousin of my maternal grandmother contacted my paternal grandfather to say that she had a list of 20 Satmar in DP camps who came from her father’s town. Could my grandfather sign papers promising jobs in His garment factory in Manhattan to help get them into the country.
    My Zaidy said, I’ll sign for the 20 and as many more that are in that camp.
    So, three months later 50 adults and a few babies arrived in NY under zaidy’s guarantee.
    This past summer when Mrs. CTL was niftara. A van came from Satmar with descendants of those sponsored to make sure I had a minyan and food in the shiva house. There were adherents of both factions trying to return the hararas hatov done for their families more than 75 years ago. I had never met any of these people before, but they had been taught to come together as needed, as their families had been helped in time of need.

  4. how many “days of teshuvah and fasting” did they set for the szatmar hasidim who were condemned to death rather than be saved by the “zionists”?

  5. Whenever something like this happens it is incumbent upon the victim to do a Cheshbon Hanefesh. While no one can say they know which aspect of their behavior brought about the tragedy, in this case the Satmar community needs to look at their indifference to the wickedness from those who identify as Satmar such as those crooked developers who destroyed Monsey with their flouting of Mah Tovu.

  6. Exactly the point.
    They do tremendous chesed with Yidden but with all of the Bikur Cholimand Tzedakah etc if there is Machlokes there is fire
    Know how to fight??
    Knowing how to fight means knowing NOT to fight……

    3 recent Klal Yisroel tragedies – The Paley yingerlach HY”D , the Yaniv brothers HY”D, and the Satmar (whichever one) Sifray Torah Rachmana Litzlun
    Spanning the whole spectrum

  7. unommin, fenster613. Did your kehilah make a fast day for those who were murdered in the last few weeks? What’s the comparison between something that’s brought down in halacha and was the minhag to do in all generations? You have the same or even more hate that you think that Satmar has.

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