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INCITEMENT GROWS: Judicial Reform Architects Depicted As Hitler

As thousands of Israelis engage in protests against the government’s judicial reform plan, a campaign to support the reform was launched, including the hanging of banners with words of support for the architects of the reform.

The banners address Justice Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) and chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee Simcha Rothman (Religious Zionist Party), stating: “Yariv, Rothman, the Am is With You. 2,304,964 Citizens Voted For The Judicial Reform.”

Apparently, the banners raised the ire of leftists and many of them were defaced, with one banner now depicting Levin and Rothman as Hitler. Other banners were removed or destroyed.

Beerale Crombie, who is behind the campaign, slammed the vandalism, stating: “The enlightened left [in its own view] continues to behave violently against any support for changing the legal system…what we’re seeing in recent days is an increase in violence. We’re receiving dozens of videos and testimonies from all over the country of the signs being vandalized.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. Typical Israel what a chilul Hashem. The left is allowed to do anything not accepting the will of the voters.
    How would it be if there would be protest about thos leftwingers and religion haters,if people would protest
    against those who eat pork and treif.Would Lapid and Liebermann als protest.I dont think so,because they make from a democratic so called Jewish state a goisch state keeping christmas etc. And guy parades,everthing the the goyim do.In the so calles jewish state.

  2. only Nazi’s are those who protest against Hashem…who knows perhaps he will decide that the name you carry no longer exists….interesting phenomena….Torah, Hashem and this nonsense……Pray all that we can that those evil people who claim to be Jews are transported to where they belong….

  3. To a secular zionist (i.e. those who have been running Eretz Yisrael, and control the economy), the prospect of a coalition of religious, Sefardim and nationalists coming to power is a disaster. The Israeli Supreme Court has become the last defense to what to them is a national calamity. Their dream, i.e., the original zionist dream going back to Herzl, is of a secular, European state, of an “Am Hofshi” from the yoke of Torah. If you look at it from their perspective, such behaviors are reasonable, and we should be concerned what extremes they will go to to protect their dream. Remember these are the same people who kidnapped Jewish babies to raise them as zionists. They murdered Charedi leaders who tried to negotiate with the Arabs when they could have still prevented the war.

    Perhaps the solution is to let them have communal autonomy if they accept that idea of a Jewish medinah. Let the eat treff and act like goyim in Tel Aviv, in return allow a Jewish majority to live in a Jewish state. Heretofore, negotiations were always how much autonomy the Yidden would have in a secular state, perhaps it is time to turn the tables.

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