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YERUSHALAYIM: Levaya Held For Sifrei Torah & Tashmishei Kedusha Burned In Blaze At Satmar Bais Medrash

נאך בילדער פונעם מסע הלוי’ פאר די געשעדיגטע ספרי תורה וכתבי הקודש ה”י, היינט מאנטאג נאכט אול”י ז’ אדר, פארענט פון בית מדרשינו אויף רח’ יונה בעיה”ק ירושלים ת”ו.

It was a sad scene in Yerushalayim on Monday, as a Levaya was held for two Sifrei Torah and other Tashmishei Kedusha that were R”L burned in a fire this past Shabbos.

As YWN has reported, a massive fire destroyed three Satmar buildings in Geulah in the early hours of Shabbos morning, including a Beis Medrash, a shul and a Talmud Torah. Sadly, two Sifrei Torah that were burned as well as many sets of Tefillin and mezuzos have to be buried.

The Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel has said that a day of teshuvah and fasting will be held on Tuesday, Zayin Adar.

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  1. One doesn’t cancel out the other.
    Yes it was a massive tragedy but so is this! Do you even know what it means for klal yisroel Hashem is sending us a message when our Torah burns?

  2. Halacha says that if a Sefer Torah falls people should fast, why should the burning of Sifrei Torah be different? They didn’t say that klal Yisroel has to fast, just that specific kehilla.

  3. The Rebbbizen… It is regrettable and unfortunate that seferi Torahs were burned. On this we agree. Maybe it is a message from Gd, to the Satmar kehila specifically.

    I don’t know. Maybe don’t eat so much Kuggle?

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