Beitar Illit Bus Bomber Terrorist Is Caught

Military command center established in Beitar after a terrorist placed a bomb on a bus.

In a joint operation by IDF soldiers, the Shin Bet, and the soldiers of the Gideon unit of the Israel Police, the terrorist who tried to blow up a bus in Beitar Illit on Thursday night was arrested over Shabbos.

After receiving targeted intelligence information from the Shin Bet, IDF soldiers and police officers apprehended the terrorist in the village of Battir in the Etzion Brigade area.

Four other Palestinians suspected of aiding the terrorist were arrested as well.

A serious disaster in Beitar Illit was thwarted on Thursday night after a terrorist placed an explosive device on a bus and then got off, intending to detonate it from afar while he was safely out of harm’s way. B’Chasdei Hashem, the device failed to explode. Passengers saw smoke coming out of a bag and quickly ran off the bus while calling the police.

Police bomb sappers arrived a the scene and blew up the bag in a controlled explosion and security forces launched a manhunt for the terrorist. Residents of the city were instructed to remain inside their homes as the city streets filled with large numbers of IDF soldiers and Border Guard officers, who carried out searches throughout the night.

Residents were permitted to return to their routine on Friday morning but Arab workers were not allowed to enter the town. Security forces continued the manhunt on Friday and Shabbos until the terrorist was caught.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)