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Eritrea Blames Israel’s Mossad For Violent Clashes In Tel Aviv

The Eritrean government claimed on Tuesday night in an official announcement that international intelligence organizations, especially Israel’s Mossad, were behind the recent riots and violent clashes between Eritrean expat groups in Israel and around the world.

The clashes were between the supporters and opponents of the Eritrean regime but statements by Eritrea’s Information Ministry not only blamed the clashes on “acts of subversion” by intelligence agencies but even cast doubts that that the opponents of the Eritrean regime who clashed with pro-regime supporters are actually Eritrean.

The official announcement stated, among other things, that: “These are violent attacks aimed at disrupting decades-old cultural events, which Eritreans hold in order to preserve their heritage and cultural identity. Those who encourage the violence do so out of hidden political motives to achieve their goals.”

The ministry promised to “expose the lies about the Eritrean refugees,” saying that more information on the issue will be published in the near future.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Unwelcomed guests making trouble? Send’em back to where they belong…. i.e. Eritrea. Let them make the same trouble in their home country.

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