“HAPPY NEW YEAR” Trump Blasts Liberal Jews Who “Voted To Destroy America And Israel”


Former President Donald Trump kicked off the start of the Jewish High Holy Days with a message that “liberal Jews” voted to “destroy America & Israel” through their support of Joe Biden.

“Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America & Israel because you believed in false narratives!,” the former president wrote on the social network. “Let’s hope you learned from your mistake & make better choices moving forward!”

“Happy New Year!”

“Wake Up Sheep. What Natzi / Anti Semite ever did this for the Jewish people or Israel?

“#1 Trump moves the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which is Israel’s true capital. No other president had the (expletive removed) to do it.

#2 Trump recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

#3 Trump recognizes Israel’s sovereignty over settlements in Judea & Samaria.

#4 Trump signs an executive order for Judaism to be a nationality in addition to a religion so it would fall under the category Title

VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin in programs receiving federal financial assistance. Institutions that violate Title VI may lose their federal funding. This means that BDS will have a hard time harassing Jewish students on college campuses.

#5 May 2020 – Trump Signs the ‘Never Again’ Education bill into law which aloocates millions of dollars to expand Holocaust awareness and create websites with curriculum tools for teachers

Clearly, one of the greatest Anti Semites of our time!”


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Liberal” Jews also want to ban Bris Milah and close down Torah education (among other things). They are more of a threat to the frum community than any non-Jewish group that exists today in America, whether MAGA or WOKE, and even more than the Islamic extremists (who in all fairness would cease to be a threat to us if the Zionists would settle their “real estate” dispute with the Palestinians).

    Past enemies are no longer relevant. The National Socialists (“Nazis” for short) are totally discredited since the doctrine of “racial” anything is totally discredited, and in fact, the ultra-right wing parties in most countries make a point of not being anti-Jewish. While in may reflect their becoming a minority group in most the countries they once dominated, the Christians tend now to be very supportive of the idea of respecting the rights of all religious minorities and have discovered they have much more in common with us than with their secular cousins.

  2. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. No serious student of history could have ever considered the possibility that the machinations of the radical left would not eventually awaken a volcanic resentment in the radical right. This kind of nationalist dog-whistle politics was inevitable.

    In the end, once “the great cataclysm bursts on the world” (thanks be to the late Herman Wouk for the phrasing), it will be our community, i.e., the stereotypical religious Jewish community, that is blamed by the neo-Nazis. Despite our having nothing to do with the insane, reality-inverting, nation-rotting program of social deconstruction conceived and perpetrated by the left, we will be the scapegoats.

  3. Yeah, if you don’t think this is true, you don’t read the Torah very often….Liberal Jews have ALWAYS been a problem. Going literally all the way back to leaving Mitzrayim… This is just plain true. Liberal Jews suck.

  4. He’s already stated publically that his moves on Israel were to please his Christian base. There are many many more Christians in the U.S. by the way. More importantly, Trump rewards any group who shows loyalty to him. If you are a frum Jew who treats him like a rock star he’ll respond in kind until you disagree with him. Reform Jews don’t vote for him much so he’ll accuse them of ruining America. No, he doesn’t show he loves Jewish people. It shows he’ll attack you and ready to foment anti-semitism among the masses if the day comes where you don’t feel like stroking his ego anymore. Then he has no need for you. This is dangerous folks. And it is also identity politics at its worse by categorizing Jews and annoncing how a Jew is supposed to vote. Whether you and I personally think he’s right or not, trust me on this, it’s dangerous.

  5. Who wrote this garbage. Trump has materially contributed to a polarization of our society and given both direct and indirect support for the growth of anti-semitism in the U.S. and globally. Never before did white supremacists and assorted racist, xenophobics and just generic “haters” feel that they had such a friend in the White House.
    Hopefully, the editors will pause and reflect on some of the most perverse journalism they have exhibited in the very short period since the new year began and show some level of objectivity. Clearly, there is a segment of the far left which have also contributed to this anti-semitism by cloaking their hate of EY with zionism and support for “Palestinian Rights” and those individuals and groups are quickly called out here on YWN.

  6. Donald Trump is 100% correct!

    Liberal Jews (and Progressive Jews, and Leftist Jews,
    and Socialist Jews) destroyed America and Israel,
    and they continue to do so.

    If I remember correctly, it was President Donald Trump
    who freed both Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard.
    Why would an anti-Semite free both Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard?

  7. He is 1000% right, it is the liberal leftist secular Godless Jews, who have a major hand in the physical and moral destruction of America.
    The reckoning is fast approaching, and as usual, it will be all the Jews who will pay the price for the sins of a few.
    Time to pack our bags, the handwriting is on the wall for all to see, the destruction of America and the subsequent second bloody civil war is a foregone conclusion.
    For Jews unfortunate enough to hang around and not leave, the holocaust will seem like a picnic compared to what awaits them.
    God Almighty has prepared for us his promised land and begs us please come home.

  8. Trump is incredible!
    The liberal “Jews” in the US (& Israel for that matter no less) are the Erev Rav who are the last klippa between us and the geula shelema

  9. The more I think about it, Trump’s post is horrifying. The way this comes across to his readers is he says he tried being nice to the Jew but they still didn’t vote for him, and that Jews are the enemy of America. His readers are left thinking all Jews are liberals and liberals are bad. Even if you like his policies, it’s irreponsible for blaming Jews as ruining America for not voting for him. When they come after Jews, they won’t make a distinction between you and your fellow.

  10. He is 100% right, BUT he should emphasize his appreciation for right wing Jews including Orthodox Jews who overwhelmingly support him so that he doesn’t appear (to those who would like to paint him that way) as antisemitic. He is anti liberal, no matter who they are, which is a good thing. An explanation or apology for meeting those 2 creeps last year wouldn’t hurt either. In any event, he was a great president for America, and he was good for Jews and Israel, I hope he gets elected again for the 3rd time.

  11. If after reading this you still don’t see where this is going… then i think there is no hope for you…if this is the conversation from the top people in america.. oy vey.

  12. At a time when Frum Jews are dependent on govt. sponsored safety net programs like SNAP, HUD, TANF etc why do they continue support a party that is determined to limit these programs?

  13. How many Jews on this site coronated Trump (or some other human) over Hashem?

    This article is about religion not politics.

    All of you saying Trump is right or wrong lack a religious outlook.

  14. Any person in the United States, especially a former president , who publicizes to the country that “Liberal Jews voted to destroy America and Israel” is a promoter of Anti-Semitism on a unmatched scale that we have not seen in a very long time.

  15. @ Amil Zola

    After the Holocaust my grandparents could have gone back to their hometown and lived in relative comfort. They saw that Yiddishkeit had no future in Eastern Europe and gave up everything by coming to the US. (75+ years later and I don’t think a single family member that stayed has frum descendants in my kids generation.)

    They lived with practically nothing but trained their kids to foremost always fear Hashem and to work hard and take responsibility for themselves.

    ב״ה for now we have it great in this country that just about everyone can succeed by working hard.

    I find it sickening that after all our ancestors gave up for Hashem a generation or two later some people claiming to be Yidden are fighting ferociously for a political party that is diametrically opposed to everything Hashem and the Torah stand for- all because they can get some extra gelt to live at a higher standard than they’re willing to exert themselves for.

  16. @ jackk

    I’ll fix the quote for you for the benefit of those who couldn’t figure out what he meant.

    Liberal Jews voted [for a political party that wants] to destroy America and Israel.

  17. The Vilna Gaon Stated in the Sefer Oros HaGra that the Erez Rav cause the Jewish People than all the umos combined.President Trump has done more for Israel and the Jewish People than all presidents combined. The Erev Rav all the time.It is like a llama. When a friend helps you, you do not spit in his face as writers like GADOLHADOR who spit in the faces of 85 million moral Americans.These people are like arsonists setting fire to our collective home and these people need to be put in Cherem at the very least. The level of ungratefulness is off the charts and I’m tired of getting blamed for what these leftist Kapos do!

  18. All posters who were excited about Trump’s statement.

    This is not about us being upset at many Jews who aren’t following the Torah properly.

    This is about a president calling out a religious group as traitors for not supporting him.

    This is reminiscent of historical incitement of countless pogroms and worse.

    We must remember that beyond our differences in observing Torah and mitzvos, all Jews are brothers, and a Jews life has infinite value.

    The fact that someone in such high power is attacking JEWS (doesn’t matter which ones) for who “they” voted for is extremely frightening.

  19. Dr. Pepper

    That stance does not promote anti semitism. Liberal jews are the ones that are promoting anti semitism by going along with everything that we stand against.

  20. He knows he’s not winning NY Cal NJ and experts may be telling him he will not win Florida. He is simply going in another direction. He will go after the Muslim vote in Michigan if he has to and the bums in the Midwest. The former dean of Trump University is a shameless fraud.

  21. Dear Dr Pepper,

    It is sickening to me, that after all we went through in the last two centuries, many frum yidden still think that our battles are meant to align with then politics of our host country. If our ancestors were sacrificing for Hashem, than it doesn’t matter which political party you fight for. The hard won battles of the past are being forfeited either way.

  22. Dear Berish,

    I don’t know who is blaming you, but if you have problems with Jews but think that those 85 million Americans are moral, than you deserve some blame.

  23. @n0mesorah

    I try to respond to each post directed towards me but I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. I’m under the assumption that most Frum Yidden vote Republican nowadays (at least on the Federal level) not because it aligns with the politics of the host country but because they’re the lesser of the two evils.

    (The Republican Party in no way represents the Torah and I think most Frum Yidden agree to that. They vote Republican as the Democrats are diametrically opposed to anything Hashem and the Torah stand for. Even the few who ר״ל vote Democrat probably wouldn’t if not for all the handouts.)

    Can you please explain the last two sentences? Reb Aaron Kotler A”H fought a major, difficult battle for Yiddishkeit in the States which we’re all still seeing the results from. How’s that being forfeited?

  24. Dear Dr Pepper,

    My point is that Trump is trying to scapegoat yidden. Nothing positive about what America should be. He wasn’t even making a pledge to save the country. That is all just left to be implied. Even if I agree with the basic idea, I know it is not a matter of policy. It is a religious argument that America is suffering from a certain ethnicity (Liberal Jews). Even though there is a lack of religious standards among some Liberal American Jews, that is a religious problem. Politically, they vote according to their (possibly misguided) ideals. Saying that the Jews is America’s problem, is a religious statement that we totally disagree with. Even if it is in support of a politician that we approve of. A political statement would be that American Ideals should not be aligned with Liberal Judaism. (And they aren’t directly aligned because of separation of church and state. Which is suffering because Atheism is not classified as a religion.)

    All frum yidden voting for Liberal candidates, is not nearly as tragic as the amount of yidden moving away from Torah and Mitzvos. The battle was that our fidelity to Torah is greater than anything else.

  25. @ n0mesorah

    I hear what you’re saying but I don’t agree. He obviously loves Yidden and he wasn’t trying to scapegoat us. Mr. Trump says the truth and is blunt about it. Should he not say the truth because it may sound like a political statement?

    I’m not sure that I agree with you that Yidden voting Liberal isn’t nearly as tragic as the amount of yidden moving away from Torah and Mitzvos. Yidden voting Liberal (even if it’s just for some undeserved gelt) are voting for a party that wants to destroy everything that Hashem and the Torah stand for.

    Yidden moving away from Torah and Mitzvos are for the most part Yidden who unfortunately and incorrectly feel that it’s too much for them. They usually have no problem with those who want to continue following the Torah and serving Hashem.

  26. Dear Dr Pepper,

    I think you are putting way too much religious weight on something so meaningless in the larger scheme of existence. A political party is of no consideration in how the world works in comparison to Torah and Mitzvos. Maybe we are allowed to disagree.

  27. @ n0mesorah

    It would be great if what you wrote was true (and in a perfect world it would be).

    Unfortunately nowadays an anti-Torah political party is permeating the way we live our religious life. Look at what the Loony Libs in NY are trying to force our kids to learn. How can you say that a political party is of no consideration in how the world works in comparison to Torah and Mitzvos?

    Who would have thought that electing an old senile pervert would cause so much damage to the entire world? And that does include Frum Yidden.

  28. Dear Dr Pepper,

    In the theatrical world that is today’s political environment, you are correct. But the real world of actions and reactions is not like that. In this world of action, the sole problem is Bittul Torah. Politics plays zero role.