Famed Pro-Israel Saudi Blogger Goes Missing During Visit Of Israeli Minister


Famed Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud, an unapologetic supporter of Israel, has gone missing, YWN has exclusively confirmed.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that Saud went missing in Saudi Arabia at approximately 8:00 AM local time Tuesday morning, just minutes after concluding an interview with an Israeli television station.

Over the past several years, Saud has emerged as one of the most – if not the most – pro-Israel public figures in the Arab world. He has established himself as a prominent social media figure and has conducted numerous interviews advocating for peace between Israel and Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, and has even visited Israel and sent letters to the families of terror victims.

Saud, a resident of Riyadh, has publicly stated his support for the State of Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel and even Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, whose show, Saud claims he watches consistently.

His disappearance comes amid the first-ever visit of an Israeli minister to Saudi Arabia. As YWN reported Tuesday morning, Communications Minister Shomo Karhi (Likud), landed in Saudi Arabia on Monday evening, Chol Hamoed Sukkos, to attend an international conference. Karhi, who is shomer Torah u’mitzvos, davened in a Minyan with Arba Minim and a Sefer Torah in Riyadh.

Sources tell YWN that employees of Israel’s Channel 14 attempted to make contact with Saud, but were unsuccessful.

Speculation is running wild among Saud’s family, friends, and acquaintances as to what occurred, with rumors that he may have been arrested by Saudi security forces or abducted by anti-Israel actors in Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, Saud was invited to visit Israel by the Foreign Ministry. He received a most unwelcome greeting on Har Habayis, as he was verbally attacked and spat at by Palestinians, who made sure he understood he was not welcome at the holy site. Saud met with Netanyahu on that visit.

Here are his recent tweets from the past day:

Saud has released dozens of videos singing in Hebrew. Here are two:

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The midrash says bnei Yishmoel will do teshuva before Moshiach, maybe he will be one of the first among the Arabs to initiate it? Raboisai let’s daven for him.
    As to how they haven’t taken him away from the public view until now is just suprising

  2. Yaapchik, Kashoggi was the exact opposite of this guy. Kashoggi was a Moslem Brotherhood agent, and got what he deserved. Why would MBS want to do that to this guy?

  3. Actually Esav had more yichus than Yishmoel. Esav was the son of Yitzchok and rivka while Yishmoel mother was an Egyptian slave concubine. Regardless Hashem hates Esav forever

  4. Why silence ?
    Israel uses advocates until they are kidnapped and they are abandoned?

    Why isn’t the government not working with SA to find him?