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Bnei Brak: Sifrei Torah R”L Destroyed in Arson Blaze

6.jpg(Click HERE for photos) SEFER TORAH DESTROYED! An arsonist struck the Shul of Rav Launda Shlita, (Rov of Bnei Brak), setting the Aron HaKodesh ablaze, YWN has learned.

According to initial reports, one Sefer Torah has R”L been completely destroyed and three others have serious damage.

Levaya details are not yet confirmed, but will be posted on YWN as soon as they are available.

It is important to note, that police have been searching for an arsonist on the loose in Bnei Brak for the past few months. Incidents involving arson in Bnei Brak Shul’s reported recently on YWN include:

*Four pairs of Tefillin destroyed on June 4 [Click HERE for story].

*Attempted burning of Shul on Sokolov Street reported May 6 [Click HERE for story].

*Attempted burning of three Shul’s in three days reported on April 30 [Click HERE for story].

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  1. This is a terrible tragedy. Everyone who reads this article or sees these pictures, please make sure “your” shul has a safe. MAY WE NEVER GO THROUGH SUCH A TRAGEDY AGAIN!!

  2. #8, Flatbush Bubby. That is an excellent idea. I think I read an article on this site that millions of dollars are to be given to shuls and yeshivos from Homeland Security monies. Security cameras should be a mandatory investment to serve as a deterrent and for evidence, heaven forbid.

  3. Except “veryinteresting” that money is going to shuls in the U.S. whereas this problem is in Bnei Brak. Do you know your geography?

  4. the people ho set the shul RL on fire would probably have disconnected the CCTV first the are not usually silly people who do these things rather people who dont have a meaning in life and therefore looking for attention they all need a big refuah shelama maybe if they are arrested they will learn their lesson the hard way

  5. for all you Ashy-Attackers (#1), please note that surely what he meant was that FRUM Yidden should get him, not the Police, as the Police (in their infamous anti-Charedi ways) will probably let this guy off the hook, ma-sh’ein kein some frumme chevre who will treat him to what he really deserves

  6. #13, does dina d’malchusa dina apply any less in a chiloni governed Eretz Yisroel than it would in the USA or any other free country?

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