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Biggest Sukkah In The World? 14 Rooms, AC, Machsan & A Study

A TikTok video in Israel featuring perhaps the largest sukkah in the world recently went viral.

The video, narrated by a family member, features the sukkah of the Lapid family, a large religious family in Mercaz Shapira, a religious village in southern Israel.

The sukkah has 14 rooms, including the main dining room, which is equipped with air conditioning, a singles wing with a number of rooms, a married wing – where rooms with cribs are set up for the young married couples – a storage room, a study, and a separate master bedroom for the parents.

Below is a video of another Sukkah “record” – the largest arba minim in the world, as featured on Channel 14.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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