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ZAKA: “We Removed 260 Bodies From Music Festival Site”

About 2,000 young Israelis, including many high school students, who were attending an overnight nature rave and music festival at Kibbutz Reim outside Ofakim were caught outside during the incursion and hundreds were gunned down by the terrorists. Terrorists also threw grenades inside the tents where some of the Israelis were sleeping. Some Israelis tried to flee only to be killed after terrorist threw grenades at them or fired into their cars. Others were taken hostage and brought to Gaza. Witnesses saw the terrorists dragging away some of the murdered Israelis’ bodies.

Sadly, the bodies of about 260 of the participants at the rave were found dead later in the day and were removed by ZAKA paramedics. A number of fatalities were tourists from the US and Europe.

The total figure is expected to be higher as other paramedic teams were working in the area.

Videos on social media showed hundreds of Israelis fleeing from the terrorists with the sounds of gunshots heard in the background.

According to a Channel 12 report on Sunday evening, Hamas was aware that thousands of young Israelis would be attending a nature rave in the Negev and specifically went to that area to target them.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The leftists have been waging war against the Torah Kedosha and HaShem for over a year. H’ stroke the heart of the hillul Shabbos and hillul H’. Only with H’ on it side we can accomplish. Otherwise we are nothing.

  2. Lapid will be punished and so will the rest, their stops in Israel are gong to be walked very carefully….Torah has raised her hand……I hope that most of the secular see what they did and know that each death is on their head….it is far too sad to even contemplate….but you jews are to blame for harming others with you loathing of Torah…shame on you

  3. there was a extremely large silver statue of a Buddha in the middle of the festival. 1 week after Yom kippur and they do avodah zarah and gilui arayos on shabbos, this is what you get for disrespecting Hashem to the max level.

  4. please stop! hamas attacked ISRAELIS, not secular or hareidim. for the sake of the victims, stop this sin’at hinam.

  5. @Frumshmurda718,
    murder is never something that can be excused, but at the end of the day, in a place where H’ says “eini H’…. Mtchilat hashana ad sofo” (someone correct me on the exact language I don’t remember the exact pasuk), one has to be more careful.
    The two biggest attacks in this war happened in two places of chillul H’:
    In Tel Aviv where they wanted to do hakafot shniyot WITHOUT a mechitzah, and
    2) like you said, to’eva and avoda zara and on shabbat…
    As Hararv Yosef Ya’avetz Hasfardi rights (in his sefer written about the Spanish Inquisition), that whenever an עת צרה ch”v befalls Jews, we must be choker and doresh the reason/averot as to why it came to be.
    If not, than we could ourselves be chayav for shefichat damim, as it happened for a reason, and ignoring that reason makes it look like it happened stam.
    People need to wake up and do teshuva.

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