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MUST WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Shreds Argument Of Those Demanding A Ceasefire To Protect Civilians

CNN’s Jake Tapper went on a blistering monologue on Sunday, tearing apart the calls for Israel to enter a ceasefire with Hamas in order to protect civilian lives in Gaza.

Tapper played a clip from the Jordanian queen who argued that Israel is using the Simchas Torah massacre – which directly targeted civilians – to “justify the death of innocent civilians” in Gaza.

“That’s an interesting turn of phrase,” Tapper remarked. “What exactly did Hamas think the Israeli military would do in response to that? Did they not anticipate that Israel would retaliate? Did they not anticipate that Israel would retaliate in a way that would cause innocent Palestinians in Gaza to die?”

“Especially given the fact that as has been established by Israeli intelligence, US intelligence and journalists who have visited Gaza, the fact that Hamas embeds within the Palestinian population? What did they think would happen?” he asked.

He then played a clips of Hamas officials saying that “sacrifices” are necessary to “liberate” themselves, and insisting that they are not responsible for protecting Gaza civilians – despite Hamas being the rulers of the Gaza Strip.

Tapper noted that even as calls for a ceasefire grow, nobody seems to be calling, or even caring, about the more than 200 hostages still being held by Hamas – a stunning level of double standards.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

6 Responses

  1. The civilians of Gaza, who danced and sang on the streets during the Simchas Torah massacre, and gave out candy to children so that the children could share in the joy of the celebration, what did the civilians think was going to happen afterwards? How did they think Israel was going to respond?

  2. Jake – You finally got something right! Congrats!!
    Hillary – Did I hear you right?? Did you actually say that a ceasefire is a win for Hamas? Okay, now you can go back into your hole and please don’t emerge.

  3. yeah gr8 speech but again empty words mean nothing at all anymore unless u decide 2 take some action and finally do something about it it’s about time that should happen now but why isn’t anything being done at all u want 2 maybe know why that’s the case right now the answer is that people are scared of what will happen 2 them if they do take some action

  4. And how exactly is Her Royal Indignance and Horrified, the palestinian queen, going to help out her fellow countrymen?????? When her now stinking country won’t even let them in because they know EXACTLY what they’re like??? Tell her to look up the word sympathy in the dictionary……

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