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DOUBLING DOWN: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken Takes Stronger Stance Against Gaza Ceasefire [VIDEO]

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, has expressed heightened opposition to an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during comments made on Wednesday. He emphasized that those advocating for an immediate ceasefire must provide a clear plan for addressing the likely adverse consequences it may bring.

This stance places the United States and its G7 allies at odds with many Arab states that have called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza conflict.

Blinken’s remarks came during a press conference held after the G7 Ministerial meeting in Tokyo and mark a significant escalation in his position on the matter. While he has consistently stated that the US does not support a ceasefire, citing concerns that it could allow Hamas to regroup and continue attacking Israel, he had not previously explicitly called out those supporting such a ceasefire.

On Wednesday, Blinken emphasized Hamas’ hostage-taking incident that occurred one month ago and highlighted the group’s repeated vows to replicate the October 7 attack.

“Israel has repeatedly told us that there is no going back to October (7) before the barbaric attacks by Hamas — we fully agree,” Blinken said Wednesday.

“We all agreed humanitarian pauses would advance key objectives,” Blinken noted.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. again and again or how many times shall i have 2 repeat it maybe 1000 until u finally got the message across 2 u and just maybe it’s about high time to please stop using empty words since that won’t help bring back the dead soldiers back 2 us now and maybe please start taking some action about it now like 4 example the first step should be that the hamas terrorists are fully destroyed 4 once and 4 all times no matter if they are hiding in the hospitals tunnels youth centers mosques caves bunkers or anywhere who cares about them anyways just ur job now is 2 please just wipe them off the face of the earth since no country at all will take them back so what’s the use of having 2 deport them back home and the next step will hopefully be that the hostages at last are finally freed safely in body and spirit and in good health in one piece and soon 2 be reunited with their families iyh amen

  2. US Secretary of State Sir Antony Blinken, he spoke very well and to the point and it is obvious that he did not fall for the fake news. He really got the true news.
    May the Almighty bless his entire family and his friends with lots and lots of good health.

  3. He has the order wrong — FIRST we worry about our hostages and protecting OUR PEOPLE and THEN (in that context) we can discuss the civilians in Gaza. Our FIRST PRIORITY is their safe return and ensuring that there will be no further threats against us in the future. Only in THAT CONTEXT do we worry about the civilians in Gaza. For example, no targeting of civilians, no unnecessary military engagements that endanger civilians, taking steps to protect civilians that do NOT undermine our MAIN priorities.

    Secondly, YES to remove the Arabs who live there. They had a chance (actually, they have had multiple chances) and they have produced the most retched group of people imaginable. They have produced NOTHING except for terror. And there is NO REASON to believe that if they remain that a new Hamas like group won’t form.

    As such, they have lost their right to live there. Beyond that, the message needs to be sent LOUD AND CLEAR — you can build or you can destroy. But if you pick the path of destruction, it will come back to haunt you.

    And finally, in its place, Israel should annex the entirety of Gaza, naming its cities and streets after all those who Hamas murdered on 10/7.

    So, while I commend him for resisting the calls for a cease-fire – I think he misses the mark on the bigger picture.

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