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WATCH: Pro-Israel Japanese Citizens Sing ‘Hoshea Es Amecha’ In Hebrew

In a video that spread on social media, dozens of Japanese citizens are seen singing in Hebrew “הושיעה את עמך וברך את נחלתך.”

They had gathered together to display their support for Israel at an event attended by Israel’s Ambassador to Japan Gilad Cohen.

Japanese citizens also held solidarity protests in support of Israel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. During World War II, the United States forcibly relocated and incarcerated at least 125,284 people of Japanese descent in 75 identified incarceration sites. Most lived on the Pacific Coast, in concentration camps in the western interior of the country. For America it was fine, only for Israel the world goes bonkers.

  2. sweet, and i really don’t mean any spoil alert, just a little question, has this been checked for a problem of koil isha…?
    no. i don’t mean criticism or rhetorical question-sincere.

  3. @Geordie yid
    a) a recording could be considered live
    b) is correct
    c) where do you take it from
    however you could also add that a crowd of women is permitted, and kal vuchomor if it is mostly men and the woman’s voice can’t be heard at all.

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