WATCH: Jewish MP In France Cries: “Terrorists Kill Boy’s Parents In Front Of Him & Then Drink Coke”


Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French Parliament, watched a screening of the October 7th Hamas atrocities together with other members of the Parliament.

Habib was interviewed by French media as he left the screening and couldn’t hold back his tears.

“I don’t want to give them the opportunity to see my tears. But these are my people, these are my brothers. Children, women – they are dogs! They are barbarians! Until when? There is only one Jewish state. I can’t, I don’t want them to see my tears.”

“I want the world to understand that Israel needs to defend itself and must eliminate these barbarians – these animals who enjoy murdering children and women. I saw a 10-year-old boy begging, ‘Kill me!’ He saw how his father and mother were murdered and he told them, ‘Kill me.’ At that point, the terrorists open the refrigerator and drink Coke Zero.”

One of the journalists asked him if the footage should be shown to as many people as possible: “I don’t know. It’s terribly difficult to watch. I want the world to understand, the goal is not voyeurism. But it angers me when I see people here in the Parliament who deny what happened.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Many people in Palestine have lost their homes and family crushed in the dust and don’t have a bone from them left and are starving without water from just one bomb from an Israeli airplane cause they thought maybe a terrorist was there

  2. B”H, israel must kill every single terrorist. It’s a shame the backward “Palestinians” supported and continue to support Hamas barbarians and must loose their homes. Perhaps they should start over in Lebanon, since they are ethnically Lebanese. That is, if the Lebanese don’t murder them first.

  3. To “.” the neo-nazi, nobody here cares. First of all there are very few if any innocents in “Palestine”. And even the few that there are, we don’t care about just as we didn’t care about the innocent Germans who lost homes and family when we bombed them. That is how war works. If the enemy is right next to you, you are a legitimate target and you have no right to complain. If your people did a terrible crime, you have to suffer for it because your entire nation is guilty. So shut up and go away from this site.

  4. To commenter “.”:

    Key part of your statement: “cause they thought maybe a terrorist was there”

    Infinite difference between that and “Cause he was a Jew”

  5. I agree if it was the depraved Israelites in the Gaza and them in Palestine we wouldn’t kill anybody or kidnapped but go straight for the army planes and bombs if it was our first day out of a this gated Gaza camp
    The “cause he’s Jewish” and then “your people did a terrible crime” can’t be published