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Hamas To Girls Before Release: “If You Tell – We’ll Come Kill You”

Ella, 8, and Dafna, 15, Elyakim, who were released from captivity in Gaza on Sunday evening, received a warning from Hamas terrorists before they arrived in Israel.

The girls’ grandmother told Kan News that the terrorists told them: “We know where you live and we’ll come and kill you if you reveal where you were held captive.”

She also said that the girls were very frightened after they arrived in Israel, asking: “Did everyone really know that we were in Gaza? Do they really want to see us? They [the terrorists] told us that no one wants us back.”

The girls were held alone and were moved between several homes and locations in Gaza during their weeks there.

The terrorists abducted the girls from Kibbutz Nir Oz after murdering their father, stepmother, and stepbrother, and drove them to Gaza in their murdered father’s car.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. HKBH, please look after them, safeguard them and send them all the love, help and support they need to heal and be healthy.

    And, please, take full revenge on all these evil people who murdered their family members, kidnapped them, and threatened them.

  2. how will these children maneuver their way through life, how will those who outside of this will walk peacefully…knowing the results…..I hope they all RIH and I trust Hashesm will erase them for ever

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