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“WE’RE NOT MAGICIANS”: Naftali Bennett Defends IDF Against Attacks Over Palestinian Casualties [VIDEO]

CNN anchor Jake Tapper on Tuesday engaged in a pointed exchange with former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett over the sensitive issue of civilian casualties in Gaza, taking  a critical look at Israel’s military actions against Hamas and highlighting the complexities and controversies surrounding the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

“Even if the conservative estimates are right, with 15,000 killed, even if 5,000 of them are Hamas, that’s still a 2-1 ratio of civilians to Hamas. That’s a lot of civilians who have been killed.” He then questioned Bennett on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would heed the concerns of President Joe Biden regarding these casualties.

In response, Bennett provided a defense of Israeli actions, emphasizing the challenges Israel faces in minimizing civilian harm: “Well, Jake, we’re not magicians. There is no magic way to dramatically reduce collateral damage when Hamas’s deliberate goal, intentional goal is to increase Gaza casualties in order for you to ask me that precise question.”

Bennett compared the situation in Gaza to historical instances of conflict, such as Nazi Germany during World War II. This analogy was met with a question from Tapper, who asked whether Israel’s offensive in Gaza might incite further animosity and lead to a new generation of terrorists.

Bennett replied, “It depends what we do next. I want to remind you that Nazi Germany, in the final months of the war, there were many, many civilian casualties. Yet Germany was denazified after the war and we had a new Germany.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. All these “Bleeding heart leftist Jew haters ” forget conveniently , how many civilians were killed with the 2 Atomic bombs drooped on Japan in August 1945 . Ah ,I forgot , it was the US dropping them & Japan were savages … sounds just the the Arabs

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    כי ארכה לנו השעה
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  3. Why does Israel have worry about collateral damage to civilians, where Hamas primarily attacked uninvolved civilians with impunity. These civilians are not innocent, they voted for and supported Hamas all these years. They are participants in this atrocity.

  4. The majority of Aza Arabs absolutely voted for hamas and continues to support them according to all polling data. And to celebrate terror attacks and the murder of Jews. Nuff said.

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