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NOTHING NEW: Another Pope Shows His Jew Hatred; Says Israel Fought Terror With Terror

A report from the Washington Post, citing an anonymous high-ranking Israeli official, revealed that Pope Francis and President Isaac Herzog of Israel had a strained telephone conversation last month. During the call, the Pope seemingly labeled Israel’s military actions against Hamas in Gaza as “terrorism.”

Pope Francis emphasized to Herzog that “it is forbidden to respond to terror with terror.” This characterization was met with protest from Herzog, according to the report.

In the conversation, Francis reiterated the principle that terror should not be met with terror. Herzog, in response, defended Israel’s actions in Gaza as self-defense. The Pope acknowledged that those behind the October 7 attacks should be held accountable but stressed that civilians should not bear the consequences.

Israeli authorities chose not to disclose details of this challenging conversation, as per the Washington Post’s report, due to the Pope’s stance on their operations in Gaza being equated to acts of terrorism.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This pope believes in same se marriage andsays there is no hell. There is also a photo of video of him hitting a well wisher at the Vatican which can be viewed on Youtube.

  2. all popes are antisemites
    its their job title
    why jews run to the pope is beyond me
    he wont help a jew no matter how may times you will sing “oirech yamim”

  3. Francis is at best a progressive more likely a Marxist. He’s all in on the DEI oppressor/oppressed nonsense. Fech him and his fake morals.

  4. domenick00,

    You’re just as stupid as poopy-dopey who should do everyone a favor and dropy deady. Where are you getting your numbers from? You’re believing hamas YEMACH SH’MOM V’ZICHROM? You’re probably not even Jewish.

  5. It’s not about the numbers….
    It’s about the goal and intentions.

    Killing Osama bin laden and the Taliban is not terrorism.

  6. “Pope Francis emphasized to Herzog that “it is forbidden to respond to terror with terror.””
    The pope is pushing a Christian belief on Israel. Christianity has the concept of turning the other cheek (religious pacifism), Judaism does not.
    Sit down Pope Francis; this is not your place to get involved.

  7. domenick00:
    No, you piece of garbage, you agree with Hamas. That’s why you’re accepting their casualty figures, and in fact are inflating them. Even their numbers are around 14k TOTAL dead, and that includes terrorists, and civilian men, women and children. The actual number of total dead are probably half of that, and of that 7k, half are probably terrorists. So we’re talking about maybe 3-4k total civilian deaths.
    All that is beside the point, as all the deaths are on Hamas.

  8. Domenick00, firstly, you have the numbers wrong. Hamas killed many more than 800 on October 7. But it’s really not about who “killed” more people. I ask you, if the Brittish killed more Nazis in WWII, does that make them wrong?
    Hamas is responsible for the death of the civilians. They are hiding behind civilians and have committed multiple war crimes. They are holding hostages, and stealing supplies from their own people.
    Why is it that they are running out of basic supplies, but they are not running out of rockets? They have taken money given to them by Israel and other countries, and used it to build tunnels and weapons instead of infrastructure to benefit the people.

  9. domenick00, are you serious??? how can you agree with the “poop”? We don’t measure good or bad by the amount of casualties. The 10,000 killed (if it’s true) are the result of a war that they started. All thew civilians killed are human shield used by hamas. If you want to defeat your enemy you must be stronger, otherwise it will never end.

  10. Domenick, you are a nazi piece of garbage, just like Francis. Get lost from a Jewish site. Israel has the legal and moral right to kill as many people as it takes in order to destroy its enemy. That is the law of war, and it is the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.

    And that would be the case even if they had killed that many, and even if they had been innocent. But the truth is that 10,000 is a lie. Your only source for that is Hamas, and only a nazi piece of garbage would quote their numbers or give them any credence.

    And the truth is also that the overwhelming majority of however many “civilians” were killed were NOT INNOCENT. There are almost no innocent “civilians” in the Gaza Strip. But the few that do exist, such as newborns, are legitimate collateral damage as explicitly authorized by the laws of war, and the blame for their deaths lies with Hamas, NOT with Israel.

  11. The Catholic Church which terrorized the world for almost 1500 years, really understands terror. The Pope is just a pompous functionary whose understanding of world events is skewed by his antisemitism, which he was raised from childhood on.

  12. @domenick00
    Where did you get those numbers?? From the terrorists who blew up a hospital, and said that isreal killed 500 ppl, and in reality there wasn’t even 10 killed, and also they were the ones who did the killing. Is that were you are getting your info?
    Or from the animals who surround themselves with children as they shoot of rockets? The same pigs who randomly shoot at innocent people heading to work. A mother a grandmother and an unborn child? I don’t believe that thete were 5 sovilans killed in Gaza, and btw there is not one innocent person in Gaza any one of them that got their hands on a jew would kill them. While in isreali hospitals they treat PA terrorists every day, their leader Sinwar can tell you best, his life was saved in an Israeli hospital, and this is what he does in return. They should have never healed him they should have let him rot to brain cancer, the world would have been a better place.

  13. He does not value life! He just pretends to. If he can equate the two sides, it shows how ridiculous their ideology is. In this week’s parsha Rashi tells us about Eisav’s hatred for Jews. Says Rashi it is a halacha and a known fact!

  14. @domenick00
    You and the pope are incorrect according to international law. It matters if you are targeting civilians or not. And then if you are targeting the threat then what matters is it a target that is worth going after.
    So your comment on how much each side lost is non sense. Its against international law and against common sense. When you go to war you want to overwhelmingly over take your enemy with minimum loss to your side.

  15. @domenick00

    Even if the number of Palestinian casualties is actually as high as Hamas claims (a highly doubtful premise), it’s irrelevant.

    The question is not how many people died, but who was responsible for their death.

    Every single person who is killed in this war, including those killed by the Israeli operations, is the responsibility of Hamas.

    Israel is working above and beyond the actual “laws of war” as dictated by the Geneva Convention to protect civilians.

    Hamas – in violation of those same laws of war – deliberately embedded itself in civilian areas, including schools, hospitals, and UN buildings.

  16. Yossies, “all popes are antisemites; its their job title”. That is not true. Neither JP2 nor Benedict were antisemites. And I think it’s unlikely that any pope in the last century was one.

    I don’t even think Francis is an antisemite; he’s just a Marxist, and would react the same way even if we were not talking about Jews.

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