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IDF Operation In Gaza Will Continue Into 2024; Aims To Kill Three Hamas Leaders

Israel aims to kill the top three leaders of Hamas and will continue the war in Gaza into early 2024 at least to accomplish that goal, according to a report.

While Israel’s air and ground offensive has mostly targeted the northern Gaza Strip since the Oct. 7 terror attack, the county is preparing for a long campaign to eradicate Hamas that will send Israeli forces into the south Gaza Strip, the Financial Times reported on Friday.

The military’s goal is to kill Hamas’ top three commanders — Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Marwan Issa — and secure “a decisive” military victory that would eliminate Hamas’ 24 battalions, destroy its underground tunnel network and end the terror group’s “governing capability in Gaza,” the report said.

“This will be a very long war . . . We’re currently not near halfway to achieving our objectives,” a source familiar told the Financial Times.

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  1. There you go. Notice the change from “we won’t stop the war until Hamas is destroyed” to “kill 3 leaders”.
    Even if they accomplish that. 10 new, more barbaric leaders are waiting behind them to pop up.
    The mistake was caving into the first pressure of allowing humanitarian aid in when they said they wouldn’t. Either don’t say things that you won’t do, or do what you say. Caving in is weakness and shows that you will listen to outside pressure.
    Bottom line, the world may hate Jews, but they would have come around if you stuck to your guns. Weak!

  2. yaakov sasson:
    This Zionist weakness has nothing to do with the world hating Jews. The issue is Zionists, not Jews. The Zionist State is Zionist, not Jewish, and all the world leaders obviously know that.

    But some in the world might hate the Zionist “State” because they feel, as that French ambassador put it so non-politically-correctly, that why should the world have to endure WW III because of that [expletive] little country.

    There certainly would have been far greater peace in the world – especially for Jews – if Zionism would never have reared its heretical and ugly head.

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