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IDF Kills Hamas Commander Responsible For Deaths Of 6 Soldiers In Protective Edge

The IDF eliminated Hamas’s Shejaiya Battalion Commander, Wessam Farhat, on Shabbos.

Farhat was responsible for the murder of numerous Israelis.

Most recently, he participated in the planning of the October 7th massacre. During Operation Protective Edge in 2014, he was responsible for a dual attack on IDF soldiers in Shujaiya, resulting in the deaths of six soldiers.

In 2011, Farhat helped plan a terror attack on a bus in Nachal Oz, in which an Israeli child was killed.

In 2002, Farhat was one of the masterminds of the terror attack in Atzmona, in which five Israelis were killed

In 1995, while he was on his way to carry out a suicide attack in Israel, Farhat was captured by security forces and imprisoned in an Israeli prison for ten years.

Following his return to Gaza, he worked in rocket production for the Hamas terrorist organization.

The IDF has struck hundreds of terror targets in the Gaza Strip since the resumption of the ground operation in Gaza on Friday morning.

On Friday night, over 50 targets were struck in the Khan Yunis area. The IDF also eliminated terrorists and destroyed Hamas infrastructure in the Beit Lahia area and also carried airstrikes in the northern Gaza Strip.

One of the targets that was hit was a mosque being used by the Islamic Jihad terror group as an operational command center.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. They should have sentenced him to death when they caught him trying to kill Jews in 1995. Most of the terrorist operation masterminds have served sentences in Israeli prisons. If Israel wanted to stop almost all terrorism in Israel, they have to go death sentences to anyone involved.

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