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Hamas Separated 3-Yr-Old Twin From Her Family, Then They Heard Crying

Sharon Cunio, 34, and her twin daughters, Yuli and Emma, 3 were released from captivity in Gaza last week. Sharon’s sister, Danielle Aloni, and her daughter, Emilia, 5, were released three days earlier. Sharon’s husband and the twins’ father, David, remains in captivity. Both families were abducted on October 7th from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

On Sunday evening, Ramos Aloni, Sharon and Danielle’s father, told Channel 12 News that in Gaza, the terrorists separated one of the twins, Yuli, from the rest of her family and they had no idea where she was.

“On the second day, they took Yuli to a different place, separating her from the rest of the family,” Ramos said. “Yuli was without her parents for ten days and they didn’t know if she was alive or not. After ten days, they moved them to a different hiding place. Suddenly Sharon heard a child crying. She said to her husband: ‘That’s Yuli crying.’ After a half hour, the door opened and they saw an Arab woman holding Yuli. I got the chills when I heard this.”

Regarding the family’s time in captivity, Ramos said: “They were in a room with a few other people and they were only allowed to sit or stand up. They weren’t allowed to walk, only when they were given permission to go to the bathroom. Everyone had to speak in absolute whispers. They had two three-year-old girls and they had to keep them quiet. If they made noise, who knows if they would take them away. It was terribly frightening. They did everything to prevent them from crying.”

Ramos said that Sharon was held together with her husband the whole time but they separated them three days before the release. “Sharon came back crying and the first thing she said was that they took David to the tunnels.”

The twins after their release. (Schneider Medical Center)
The Cunio family – Sharon, Yuli and Emma were released but David is still in captivity along with his brother Ariel.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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