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FRIGHTENING FOOTAGE: Hamas Video Shows Terrorist A Few Feet Away From IDF Soldiers

Hamas on Tuesday published footage of what it claims to be an Israeli military encampment in the Gaza Strip. The video was purportedly taken from a tunnel the IDF was unaware of just feet away from the makeshift base.

Hamas said that it attacked the IDF encampment, though there is no way to confirm that.

It is also impossible to verify whether the footage published by Hamas is authentic, current, and not spliced or otherwise edited.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. There’s a video of a soldier telling this story from the soldiers’ side. Am absolutely 100% clear nes Chanukah. They were advised to clear the area without making it noticeable. Hamas was sure the explosions must have killed the whole crew. Hodu Lashem!

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