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WATCH THIS: Emotional Moment at Agudah Convention as Shomer Shabbos Survivor Makes Guest Appearance

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Akiva Litov struggled a lot with shemiras Shabbos. He loved the parties, the music, the freedom, the liberation. But every time he didn’t keep Shabbos, it burned up inside of him. Akiva shared his story on Motzoei Shabbos at the Agudah Convention, relating how on Rosh Hashanah, he’d give it another shot. He’d try again, despite how hard it was for him. When it came to the Supernova Festival, he prevailed upon his friends to skip it…..

…And then, a surprise, the convention crowd treated to a guest appearance by Akiva Litov himself, his mere presence bringing tears to everyone in the audience.

…The rabbonim on the dais, awed by his story, showering him with brachos.

5 Responses

  1. We the people…… Sincerely recognize and appreciate all those who repent and return to Hashem and live Torah lives. The aforementioned is true whether their story is sensational or not.

  2. 1) There were no meat boards; not for Melaveh Malka, not Thursday evening, not throughout the entire Shabbos.
    2) Participants at the convention, who chose to spend their hard-earned money in support of the Agudah, its leaders, and Kovod HaTorah rather than escaping to some paradise with ad-hoc minyanim, nonstop entertainment and food, (and of course a seforim-packed Beis Medrash and Daf Yomi Shiur), deserve the kovod and ba’kavodik treatment they receive.
    3) If our leaders thought this, or any, aspect of the convention was wrong in any way and on any level and for any reason, it would not have taken place.

  3. Shauli give me a break. The Auguda Convention is a place where only the well-connected and the wealthy are able to afford . There may have been no meat boards but I can assure you it was not pas bamelach toichal over there

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